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Dust Mites are a Disaster For Allergy Sufferers- Time to Take Action!

Scratchy throat, runny nose, and watery eyes- your head feels stuffy but it’s not cold and flu season. No, it’s allergies! Any allergy sufferer will be well versed in these symptoms and be aware of just how horrible and frustrating they can be. While it can feel hopeless, there is one thing you have some control over and that's the levels of dust mites in the home. Even if you don’t specifically suffer with a dust mite allergy, being allergic to pollen and pets will make matters worse. They can even cause respiratory issues in people without health issues. Dust is generally made up of hair, fibers, pollen and dead insects along with dust mites and their waste- it’s just not something you want to let accumulate in your home or be breathing in. Here are some of the ways you can control numbers.

Clean and Tidy Regularly
Keeping on top of the housework so that your home is clean and tidy can help to prevent a lot of dust building up in the first place. Keep clutter to a minimum, aim to keep surfaces as clear as possible which will make cleaning and tidying a breeze. If you get into the habit of putting things in the right place and away when you’ve used them it will be easier to stay on top of. Don’t forget to pull out heavy furniture and dust behind it on a regular basis. According to IMvoyager you could use an air purifier to help keep numbers under control too. This might be something worth considering especially if dust gives you bad symptoms.

Consider Your Bed
Dust accumulates in mattresses in a big way, this is because dust mites feed on human skin, Since we naturally shed skin constantly, we’re actually providing them with a reliable source of food. It’s actually the powerful digestive enzyme that dust mites release in response to eating our skin that cause the issue. You’ll never fully get rid of them but regularly washing sheets, using a mattress protector and vacuuming your mattress can help. You should replace your mattress after seven years, duvets after five and pillows after one or two. Not only will newer ones be more effective but it also helps with levels of dust mites. Make sure your bedding is washed regularly on the hottest cycle, once a week will do the trick. Don’t forget throws and other blankets too even just decorative ones.

Don’t Forget Carpets and Curtains
Chances are you don’t usually think about cleaning curtains, blinds or carpets when you’re cleaning on a normal day. These should also be washed periodically, go with once a season at least. Dust mites plus dirt, pollen, and pollution that’s blown in from outside can cling to curtains.  The average carpet contains traces of vomit, fecal matter, dead insects and even diseases like salmonella. Read the instructions carefully on your curtains or carpet cleaner, or have them professionally cleaned. Don’t forget blinds to as these can gather tons of dust.

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