Saturday, December 9, 2017

Happy Holidays From Legacy Shave

Hey neighbors!!

Here is a perfect gift for that man in your life, or maybe young man.  Legacy Shave has the perfect gift set available for the holidays and gift giving.

This shaving gift set includes a razor, pre-shave oil, after shave balm and a wonderful Evolution Brush that attaches to a can of shaving cream.  The brush has an attachment, that you use right on your can of shaving gel or shaving cream.  Instructions are included that show you how to attach it to your can, and then you can apply the shaving cream/gel with the brush.  Be sure to check out the pictures and the video below.  Leave the brush attached to the can, just rinse clean after each use.  When the can is empty, remove the Evolution Brush and attach it to the new can.  Loving it!! I know my husband will like using this new Evolution Brush and shaving kit from Legacy Shave.

After locking the can in place, you simply press the button enough to see the gel/cream coming a=out the front, as in the picture below.  That is all you need, so stop pressing the button and start applying your shaving cream.  Simple as can be.

For the record,  the After Shave Balm smells wonderful.  The Pre Shave Oil is fragrance free and is to be applied, before shaving to help condition the beard for the shave.  After your face is moistened with warm water apply the oil and gently massage it in.  Do not remove the tile prior to shaving.  Use the Evolution Brush to apply your shaving cream, shave as normal, rinse, pat dry and apply the After Shave Balm.  This will help condition and moisturize your skin.

I do need to tell you, the Legacy Shave products can be used by both men and women.  The Evolution Brush works just as well applying shaving cream to your legs as it does a man's face.  The oil and balm can also be used.

Be sure to visit the Legacy Shave website as there are a few different gift ideas there.  The Evolution Brush also comes in a variety of colors for the attachment piece.

Here's a quick video from Legacy Shave.

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