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Craft Projects To Have A Go At In 2018

Crafting is making a comeback. Whereas it used to be the domain of homemakers, grannies and those with way too much time on their hands, crafting is now the tool many entrepreneurs use to set up money making artisan businesses. With online platforms such as Etsy and Deviantart from which to sell their wares, unique crafts are becoming more accessible to the masses. Even if you’ve been hiding your creative flair under a bushel for the past few years, you can chart a course on the crafty path. Take a look at these crafty projects you might want to have a go at in 2018.

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A craft and skill that has been around for thousands of years, the Japanese art of paper folding is much more difficult than it sounds. You won’t be creating random paper aeroplanes out of A4 pieces of paper, you’ll be folding specialist origami paper into oriental flying cranes, swans, frogs and other shapes. It can take decades to become an origami master. However, you can grab yourself an instructional manual complete with diagrams and have a go at perfecting a paper giant panda in the comfort of your own home.

Basket Weaving
Rustic crafts are seeing a resurgence in recent years as people ache to go back to a simpler way of life away from the notifications of social media and the continual advancements in technology. Basket weaving involves using wicker materials to hand make vessels using a randing or waling technique. By understanding how to knot and weave and using specialist tools under the supervision of a tutor, you will be learning the basics of an ancient craft.

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While this might not be the easiest craft in the world to do in your own humble abode, it can be thrilling to learn a craft that was the job of high importance to the population two hundred years ago. Using a forge to heat up some iron which you then bend and work into the shape you require is tough work, but it can be hugely fulfilling. If you fancy forging your own door handles for your vintage pad, blacksmithing is the craft for you. You might not be able to get an anvil for your backyard, but there are plenty of classes that teach the art of blacksmithing.

The finest way of combining an ancient artisan craft with the requirements of modern life is to work with a material like leather. Using this material you can learn how to create iPad pouches, smartphone cases and purses. Perfectly hand stitched and made by your own fair hands, you’ll be merging old techniques with new uses. Bringing an older craft into line with the needs of twenty-first century life ensures that crafts don’t die out and wither away.

Be brave and unleash your creative flair in 2018. Make it your New Year’s resolution to become an expert in your chosen craft, and you never know, you may go on to teach others and make money from your new skills.


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