Friday, December 1, 2017

Combat Flip Flops For The Win #HolidayGiftGuide #CoolestGift #GiftWithPurpose

Y'all, I am so excited to share this incredible gift idea with you today! When I first learned about Combat Flip Flops, I was excited about the possibility of featuring them on our blog, and they were kind enough to agree.

I received a pair of the men's AK-47 Flip Flops for review. These are not your average flip flops, as you can see right off. Made with a combat rubber boot outsole, the first thing you'll probably notice is the cast bullet casings in the strap. Well, Combat Flip Flops is about bringing peace through various means, without using force. In fact, with every purchase of a pair of AK-47 flip flops, you fund one day of school for an Afghan girl. I love that! By providing education for these girls, you help reduce and remove the power that radical groups have over children. Another plus is that the flip flops are made in Bogota, Columbia...Matthew Griffin and Donald Lee (co-founders and both US military veterans) realized that by providing work for people in Columbia, they could also help fight the war on drugs. It offers Columbians, who otherwise might think the drug cartels were their only hope for employment, a chance to earn an honest wage.

The Combat Flip Flops are very well made and extremely durable...just what you would expect from the name and history of the company. They are very masculine looking, so any guy would love to wear a pair. They also offer ladies flip flops though, so don't think this is only a gift idea for guys! In fact, you can also purchase mens and women shoes and t-shirts, as well as ladies sarongs (made in Afghanistan) on their website. These will be gifted to my brother (who is currently serving in the US Army) and I can not wait to see his face when he opens these on Christmas Day! The really neat part is that he lives on the coast, so he and his wife spend a lot of time at the beach whenever possible. Yep, Combat Flip Flops were the obvious perfect choice for his Christmas gift this year!

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