Thursday, November 16, 2017

Getting Your Home Ready for Visitors Over the Festive Period

The festive season is fast approaching. This time of year sees us spend increasing amounts of time with our loved ones, having visitors over and celebrating within the comfort of our homes. Many of us also choose to decorate our homes from December 1st onwards. So if you haven’t started preparing already, it’s time to get things into gear. Life will be much easier if your home is clear, clean and ready for the decorations to go up rather than attempting to clean around the tree and wall hangings later down the line. Here are a few areas to focus on over the next couple of weeks!

Your Home’s Exterior

The first thing that your guests are going to see when they arrive at your property is its exterior. So you want to make sure it’s in ship shape at any time of the year. However, during the holiday season, many of us like to put lights and decorations up outside of our homes. These are only going to emphasise any damage or dirt present on the exterior of our property. So, start off by getting in touch with a local power washing service. These professionals will be able to clean down all of external walls, including the hard to reach places that you’d have next to no chance of safely cleaning yourself. Not only will this leave them gleaming and ready for lights to be affixed, but it means that they’ll be fresh and in good shape for the new year too! You should also take this time to clear out any gutters. There may be a lot of rain, frost, or snow coming up, so you don’t want the gutters blocked and overflowing over your carefully placed festive displays.

Your Dining Space

Food is generally at the heart of celebrations around this time of year. So you want to ensure that the dining space in your home is clear. You’ll likely be spending longer amounts of time sitting around the table, hosting family meals and having a chat over mugs of mulled cider or hot chocolate. So keep the table clear. You may be tempted to start piling it up with presents, wrapping paper, and other bits and bobs, but don’t allow yourself to. This is a recipe for a mess, and you don’t want to find yourself trying to dine around gifts, ribbon, and tape. Invest in a couple of festive tablecloths (someone is bound to spill something at some point or another, so it’s good to have a backup for while the original is in the wash). Natural table decorations such as pine cones or bundles of cinnamon are a cute addition that will add a festive scent to the space too.

Your Living Space

Now for the centrepiece of your winter decoration: the tree. This is likely to be in your living space, so (depending on how big your chosen tree is), you may need to do a little rearrangement. Shift furniture safely and take the opportunity to thoroughly clean all of the nooks and crannies that may have been gathering dust behind or beneath sofas and bookcases.

Your home will be ready for you to become the host with the most in no time! Starting the proceeds early will also relieve pressure for you throughout December.

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