Tuesday, November 14, 2017

En Gard! Get Ready To Redo Your Garden In A Weekend

The main thing about doing up your yard is that it can take a long time, you've seen so many articles about long-term garden protection, waiting for the grass to be just right before you add certain ingredients. For those who have just moved into a property, especially during the winter months, and you've seen the state of your new yard, and there's nothing much that you can do about it right now, it can feel a little demoralizing. However, there are simple ways to renovate your yard right now, and you don't need to invest that much time, in fact, you can do it over the space of a weekend. Let's have a look at what you can do.

Clean The Pathway
While there is half decent weather right now, you can make the most of making your yard look presentable, by doing the equivalent of a spring clean, albeit in winter. You can hire a jet washer, give your paths and paving a good quality spray, and you will be very surprised as to the results. If you fancy getting yourself an early Christmas present, go for a nice powerful jet washer with some jet nozzle settings that you can change.

Get Some Flowers
If your yard is full of ugly fencing, or you have lots of weeds overgrown, a splash of color will make a big difference. There are flower sites like USflowersdelivery that show who will deliver to the door so you can pick exactly what you want to decorate your yard, without actually having to venture outside. You may also want to start thinking about which roots you can buy in season right now so they will bloom into a beautiful bouquet come next summer. Plant climbers are another great way to disguise ugly fences or walls, just be sure to pick the best sort of plants in relation to the amount of shade you have in your garden and the zone you live in. You will need something like a pale pink English rose if you have a lot of shade.

Get Some Shelter
While the winter months are not an ideal time for you to relax in the yard, if you've got a big enough space, you may want to make the most of it, regardless of how cold it can get. While they are much better in the summer months, you can get Indian tents that provide enough shelter for you to enjoy a nice hot mug of coffee while staring at the cool, crisp, winter sunshine.

Install A Water Fountain
These don't take long to set up, and by adding a water fountain, this will help to focus on the best parts of your yard. You could install a fish pond, but for the purposes of installing something over the space of a weekend, you can get a bowl-shaped Romanesque fountain, or something a bit more contemporary to suit your needs.

And there you have it, some simple ways to get a bit of style for your new yard, which won't take long at all! Enjoy the yard now, but enjoy it, even more, come next summer!

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