Friday, November 17, 2017

Boost Your Fertility With These Brilliant Tips

For some people, getting pregnant doesn’t come easy. Some couples can try for months - years in some cases - without any luck at all. This can take its toll on some women, especially those who are desperate to start a family. And, as female fertility starts to drop off when a woman turns forty, it often feels like trying to get pregnant is something of a battle against time.

Are you getting tired of finding out that the pregnancy test is always negative? Here are some tips that can help you boost your fertility - after you try some, you might find that it doesn’t take long to fall pregnant!

Use An Ovulation Calendar

Next time you are at the drugstore, it’s worth seeing if they sell ovulation calendars. This has everything you need to find out the exact length of your usual cycle. It will also help you figure out when you are ovulating and when you are at your most fertile. Once you know all of this information, you will then be able to figure out the best time to try and get pregnant.

Take Certain Supplements

If you take a look at the DailyMom website, you will see that they recommend taking certain daily supplements to help aid fertility. FertileCM is one that they suggest. When you start taking this medication, you will need to take three tablets a day. Once you start on these tablets, they can help improve the vaginal environment, strengthen the uterus’ lining, and can help the embryo implant itself in the lining.

Eat Foods For Fertility

Did you know that there are some foods that can help to increase your fertility? Generally speaking, you should stay away from unhealthy food options, especially any food that is particularly high in salt and sugar, as this can make your cycle very unregular. Vegetarian protein sources, such as nuts and beans can help increase your fertility, and high-fat dairy products can also improve ovulation. In fact, some studies show that women who drink one glass of full-fat milk each day have a better chance of becoming pregnant.

Stop Drinking Coffee

There are also some studies that show caffeine has a negative effect on fertility. Many experts believe this is because the chemical can interfere with conception. So, next time you fancy a cup of coffee or tea, it’s best to stick to the decaf varieties.

Don’t Overdo It With Exercise

It’s important that you carry on with your usual exercise routine while you are trying to get pregnant as this will help keep your body in shape. However, you shouldn’t do too much physical activity as it can be too vigorous for your body, and this could be bad news for conception and ovulation. So, it’s a good idea not to sign up for any marathons or triathlons while you are trying to become pregnant.

There are plenty of things you can do to try and improve your fertility, but if nothing works, it’s important to see your doctor. He might advise you to start IVF.

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