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4 Effective Fashion Shopping Tips For When You're In A Hurry

Most of us enjoy shopping as a way to relax and unwind after a busy week. It’s become something of a hobby or favorite pastime. Perhaps you have a time each week when you head to the mall with a girlfriend and check out the latest lines in each store? Sure, it might be just window shopping some weeks, but there is still something fun about it. So what on earth can you do if you never seem to find the time to browse and meander at the mall?

1. Inventory
If your closet is jam-packed with fabulous fashion choices, chances are you haven’t actually got a clue what is in there. It’s time to do a inventory! By going through your closet, and clearing it out, you’ll know exactly what needs to be replaced. Nothing lasts forever, after all. And nothing stays in fashion for that long either!

Start by clearing everything out. Now start putting pieces together again. You might sort by season. Let’s face it, black jeans aren’t supposed to work in the height of summer. Alternatively, categorize your wardrobe by type. Skirts, dresses, leggings, tops, and blouses might work for you. Take out anything you’re not likely to wear for the next three months and put it away somewhere else. Vacuum packing can save you a lot of space!

2. Shopping List
By now, you’ve got a working and workable closet with your fashion choices for this season neatly placed and ready to wear. You’ve inventoried your wardrobe, so you know which items are screaming out to be replaced. This is your shopping list. Write it down, and carefully describe what you’re going to buy. Pick one item at a time, and get ready to shop fast!

3. Store Choices
You might have a favorite store that you buy most of your essentials from. Do try some online boutique options as well so you can increase your range of options. Shopping online can be done any time of the night or day, so you don’t have to hurry back to your car or rush in and out. If you do choose a mall boutique, head for the rack that has the items you’re looking for. Avoid everything else so your time can be maximized trying things on.

4. Personal Shopper
Many malls and department stores offer a personal shopper service. You might be able to book this in advance and ask them to find you your item ahead of your appointment. This saves you searching through the store yourself. Now you can spend your time trying things on to get the right fit. Of course, a personal shopping advisor usually works best for you after you’ve met and they know your body shape. Take the time to do this first for future hurried shopping events.

It is possible to dress well and shop fast. These 4 tips to focus your attention and speed up the browsing process can help you find what you want in a hurry. Do you have any speed shopping tips to share?


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