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12 Ways To Clean Up Your Life And Feel Happier

If you feel like your life is a little unorganized right now and it’s making you unhappy, or you just plain feel down, cleaning up different areas of your life can help you to feel so much happier virtually right away. There’s no point in wallowing in your own self pity and doing absolutely zilch about your problems. Moving productively and practically towards solutions will help you to get your life back on track - or at least feel much better about your situation.

Here are 12 ways to clean up your life and feel happier right away:

  1. Declutter Your Home
Start by decluttering your home. Decluttering has magic that many people don’t realize until they take on the difficult task of cleaning up their junk. When you get rid of old things you no longer need, you make space for more things to come into your life. Better things. You should also feel like there’s less getting on top of you, and like you can breathe!

Taking the time to declutter your home, room by room, will help you to feel much better about everything else you have going on. Make sure you recycle properly, and give to charity if you can. In some cases, you can even use selling sites to make a little extra cash. Just bear in mind that giving to others is usually what makes us the happiest!

2. Identify And Remove Toxic People
Do you have toxic people in your life? Most people do, and yet it can take them a while to realize it. If you constantly feel drained after spending time with a particular person, they may be an energy drainer. Relationships are supposed to be both give and take, but if you’re doing all the giving and they’re doing all the taking, then this is no doubt a toxic relationship. It’s in your best interests to remove these people from your life, no matter how difficult it may be. Even family can be toxic. Remember, it’s not up to you to cure them - they need to help themselves.

3. Figure Out What’s Holding You Back From What You Really Want
Assess your life and your situation and figure out what’s holding you back from what you really want. Try not to make excuses here. If you want your dream body but you say the thing holding you back is not being able to get up in the morning, you have the power to change that. It all depends on how much you want something. Get really critical of the excuses you make, and consider saying that these things just aren’t a priority to you right now instead. That is far more truthful and should feel like a weight off your shoulders. If you want something to be a priority, then you’ll need to kick your excuses to the curb.

4. Start Meditating
Meditation is simply sitting still, breathing deeply, and focusing on something relaxing. It can be hard to get into at first, which is why there are plenty of apps and YouTube videos designed to help beginners. Some people find it easier to repeat a verse and focus on that, while others find it easier to simply sit still and listen, perhaps with white noise. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. The important thing is that you get into the habit, even if it’s just a couple of minutes every day. Make this compulsory, and you should notice that you feel happier, more productive, and enjoy a plethora of other benefits.

5. Clean Up Your Diet
Cleaning up your diet is so important if you’re going to feel happier. The fact is, the foods we eat literally become us, as our bodies renew themselves every few weeks. If you eat fast food and junk all the time, that is what your body will be made of, and you can bet you’ll feel like junk too. The odd treat is fine, and you should never be too strict, but ensuring you’re getting lots of micronutrients and a good balance of healthy fats, carbs, and protein is crucial. A basic knowledge of nutrition will help you to make better choices.

6. Get Some Exercise In
Exercise can make you feel like you have your stuff together even if you really don’t. Getting it done in the morning can make us more productive for the rest of the day, not to mention give us a happy buzz that takes a while to wear off. With a consistent routine, the benefits only multiply. Find a kind of exercise you really enjoy, and do it often. Try to move every day, even if it’s just a walk.

7. Detox Your Body
Many people think that to detox their body, they have to drink weird detox drinks and eat nothing but vegetables. This isn’t the case at all. A holistic detox is actually very healthy. How does holistic detox work? Watch the video to find out for yourself. Many people try to cut out caffeine when they go into detox mode, so you can try to do this if you currently rely on coffee to help you function. Only having it when you really need it is a much better plan than having cup after cup every day.

8. Have A Screen Detox
Having a screen detox is a super effective way to free up time in your life and make you happier. Think about it. Do you really care about the things people write on Facebook? Does scrolling Instagram make you happy or does it waste time? We all spend far too much time with our faces in a screen. Come away for a few days to a week and see how you feel. Then, try to limit your screen time.

9. Focus On What You’ve Got Not What You Haven’t Got
Most people tend to focus on what they haven’t got, rather than what they have got. This leads to a negative attitude. Those who are grateful for what they have tend to find more and more things to be grateful for, like a snowball effect. You can be happier if only you choose to see the things you have to be happy about.

10. Get Outside More
Getting outside more will help you get the sunlight the body needs to produce vitamin D, and you should find the fresh air helps to de-stress you. Try to take a walk outside most days and simply enjoy the sunlight and fresh air.

11. Focus On Quality Sleep
Putting a focus on quality sleep will help you to function better during the day. If you go to bed and get up at the same time every day, you should find your body gets into a natural rhythm. This will make it much easier to get up and go to bed when you need to, you just need to be consistent. Even on weekends!

12. Enjoy The Process
Finally, enjoy the process of working on your own happiness. The truth is, the goalposts will always move. You’ll probably never get to a place where you’re content for too long. As humans, we always want more, or want to improve more. Don’t expect to feel blissful 24/7. Be grateful for the highs and the lows, learn from them, and keep pushing forward to be your best self!

Which of these 12 ideas will you use to clean up your life and feel happier right away? Do you have suggestions of your own? Leave a comment below!


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