Friday, November 10, 2017

11th Hour CD Release TODAY! #11thHour #SouthernGospel

Hey all, just a quick note to share some exciting news with you all (at least for any southern Gospel fans)! 11th Hour's new cd, Silence The Stones, officially released today so it is now available for purchase on iTunes! I was sent a pre-release cd to give a listen, and it is definitely an album you will enjoy! 11th Hour is made up of Jaquita Lindsey, Amber Lynn Eppinette, and Grant Gibson. This trio has a sound reminiscent of the Martins or the Crabbs, yet without that "We're copycatting a group's sound" effect. I love the vocal blend this group has: distinct, fresh, and definitely one that will keep you listening for hours.

Silence The Stones is a full-length album with 10 songs, ranging from big ballads to slow, meaningful songs, and the upbeat, toe-tapping tunes such as I'll Be The First One. There's even a hint of bluegrass sound on God Will Deliver Me, giving a full range of musical style. Lyrically speaking, my favorite is probably Let Grace In. This song provides encouragement for those who feel they have failed in life by giving into temptation when they know better, or perhaps someone who has strayed from the Lord for a time. "In the midst of your struggle, God is standing close to you. He said He would never leave you and that the wrong can be made new..." This is a song you will find yourself listening to over and over!

Another one of my favorites, and quite possibly the most unique song on the album, is I Want You Beside Me. This tells the story of someone who is fighting a battle, going through a trial, or maybe just dealing with everyday life. They realize it can't be done on their own, so they call on a friend to pray for and with them, knowing this friend will intercede on their behalf. I love this theme! Knowing someone is praying for you is one of the best and yet most humbling feelings in the world, and this song will remind us all to be that prayer warrior our friends need so desperately.

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