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Thoughtful Gifts For The Holidays #ThoughtfullyGifts #GiftGuide

If you have any family or friends like mine, then sometimes shopping for holiday gifts can be a very stressful experience. Some of my family are very easy to shop for, but others require a lot of thought and decision-making on what they will and won't actually use/enjoy. While doing some shopping around online for these family members, I came across Thoughtfully, a very unique gift-shopping website. I was thrilled when they sent not only one but two of their special gift sets for inclusion in our holiday gift guide. Let me tell you, any family or friend who receives a Thoughtfully Gift Set for the holidays will love it!

I received the Branded And Grilled Gift Set and the Mocha Barista Gift Set. The Branded and Grilled set I actually used for myself. I am the designated grill-master in our house, so this was a treat for me to try out. The set comes beautiful packaged and all ready for gifting. It includes a customizable branding set, grill charms, sauce basting pot, silicone basting brush, Sweet Fire bbq sauce, Holy Magma bbq sauce, Blazin' Diablo rubbing spice, and Scorched Mamba rubbing spice. I was able to test some of these out just a few days later when we grilled out some steaks. I'm picky about my grilling prep, so a couple hours before grill-time I prepared the steaks, using both rubs (on separate steaks of course). When it came grill time, I loved having the charms so I could keep everybody's steaks separate. Most of us like medium, but a couple prefer either medium-rare or medium-well. The charms made it so much easier to make sure each steak was done perfectly! The grill branding iron set added a unique and personal touch to the steaks. I put the phrase "Hope's Grill" on the iron, and love how easy it is to change out as desired for any and all kinds of phrases. To use, simply heat the iron over open flame until it's red hot, then "brand" your grilled meat. Yes, this was a hit with the family! The blazing' diablo was by far the favorite flavoring for the steaks. This adds a bit of a kick, but not so spicy it overpowers or ruins that grilled steak flavor. It enhances it perfectly and was definitely enjoyed! The holy magma has a hint of cinnamon in it, so while still good, I think it will taste better on a bbq meal than the steaks. We'll be grilling up some bbq next week probably, so I'm looking forward to putting the rest of these sauces and tools to use. (I'm currently laid up in bed with a strained calf muscle, so grilling is out of the question for the next few days!) However, just from what I've already seen and used, this is definitely the perfect thoughtful gift for the grill-master in your family!

The Mocha Barista Gift Set I actually did gift, so I could get a good idea of how someone would respond to a Thoughtfully Gift Set. My sister turned 17 last week, and since her and I are the coffee lovers of the family, I gave this to her for her birthday. It was so fun seeing her open the box and find all the coffee and cocoa goodies inside! This set comes with Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee, Godiva Hot Cocoa, Porcelain Storage Container, using Wand, 3 Coffee Stencils, 2 Mugs, 2 Shakers, Cinnamon Powder, Vanilla Powder, and mini marshmallows. Everything a coffee (or cocoa) lover needs for the perfect cold-weather beverages! M had so much fun playing barista. She immediately brewed up a mug of chocolate truffle coffee, frothed some warm half and half, and topped it with vanilla powder in a cut stencil design (which obviously didn't show up the greatest on the white froth topping but she still had fun with it!). I was actually impressed by the coffee, I'll admit. I have never found a chocolate flavored coffee that I like. I drink mochas that I add chocolate syrup to, but not chocolate-flavored coffees-until now. This is a rich chocolatey flavor that is so delicious! Later that evening, M made herself a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows (her favorite part) and again, the rich flavor was hot cocoa perfection! Needless to say, Thoughtfully Gift Sets are an amazing gift idea-tested and approved by me!!

Thoughtfully has gift sets for anyone and everyone's tastes and likes. Hot sauces, teas, cocoas, olive oils, mom's survival kits, Godiva chocolate lovers, baking gift sets, and more. I especially love this hot cocoa ornament gift set-perfect for the holidays!!

Check out Thoughtfully's website today for some really great gift ideas! This isn't just your average gift basket that's thrown together, these are items well-thought out for individual likes, arranged in a cute box, designed to let the recipient know you put some thought and time into finding a gift they would love.


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