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Keep Your Cool: Tips To Maintain A Constant Temperature In Your Home

Family life means differing opinions rearing their ugly heads now and again. What are you going to watch on the TV when you’re all together huddled around the gogglebox on a Saturday night? What’s for Monday evening’s dinner when you have a vegan daughter, a lactose intolerant son and a husband who only eats beef? The stresses of family life can cause friction simply because everyone wants and needs different things. One of the hardest things to get right is the temperature of your home. To find the elusive temperature where it is not too hot and not too cold a la Goldilocks for every single family member is nearly impossible. However, use these nifty little tips to make your life easier.



By putting the climate control of your home in the hands of technology, you are relinquishing all responsibility of finding the perfect temperature to some sort of innate force. The Hive thermostats are affordable and easy to set up. These genius bits of technology will allow you to select the temperature you require for your home. If you’re on your way back from work and it suddenly starts pelting it down and the temperature drops, your intelligent thermostat will take notice and give your home a burst of heat to mitigate the cold. This could be a cool way for the kids to get clued up as to what’s involved with heating the home, utility bills and finances.


Look Up

You don’t always have to rely on the traditional form of cooling to secure the optimum temperature for your home. Sometimes, it’s simply too hot. While sitting in front of an open freezer may seem appealing, there are more effective ways of cooling down the rooms of your house. Consider purchasing a set of ceiling fans for the rooms in your humble abode that tend to heat up the quickest. The benefits of oversized ceiling fans with large blade spans include the fact that cooler air is pushed down towards the floor more efficiently resulting in a cooler climate. Big fans are also statement pieces and can add to the interior design of your home.


For The Coldest Of Days

Sometimes traditional heating methods just won’t do. If you have longed for the warmth of a log burner or a roaring fire for as long as you can remember, now might be the time to purchase one. If you have a snug or small sitting room area, lighting a fire can have your immediate environment warm and cosy within minutes. There’s no need to turn on the heating when you have an idyllic roaring fire warming up your toes. Ensure that you keep your chimney swept and cleaned, so soot doesn’t build up, and you can enjoy the winter season indoors.

Maintaining a constant temperature within your home is tricky, even in the most insulated of pads. It’s even harder to find an optimum temperature that satisfies every family member. However, if you follow these tips, you may come closer to reaching the optimum temperature goal.


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