Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Keep Palm And Carry On: That 70s Look For Your Bedroom

There is nothing so trendy right now as the tropical palm motif, reminiscent of the 1970’s, It looks especially wonderful in a bedroom setting, and is not to difficult to achieve either. So to work out how you can get this look in your very own home without losing your cool, read on for some tips and inspiration. Oh, and if you do come across any problems just remember to keep palm and carry on!


The bedding

All bedrooms should have a single focal point that acts as the inspiration for redecoration. A fantastic choice for this in the bedroom is the bed, and that means the bedding that you choose must be spot on.


Of course for a tropical palm themed bedroom that means using that great green and white palm print that is on trend right now. You can find duvet and pillow covers like this pretty easily, as well as additional items like cushions and bolsters. Although if you prefer a more minimalist look pick bright white bedding and just use the palm print in the throw pillows as an accent. Something that can be a really pleasing combination.

The accessories

Talking of accessories macrame is prominent in this look, and if done right it can appear very chic. Keep to your color scheme by picking neutral wall hangings and plant holders, and position them in the darker areas of the room to provide points of interest. Of course, you will probably want to add plants to those holders to complement the look, and as they are good at purifying the air too, they will make a super choice for a bedroom environment.


Lighting is also vital to pull off this 70's look for your bedroom successfully. In particular long pendants in wicker can provide a structure that creates the right impact, while still being in the right color pallet and made of a natural material.

Just remember that any electrical work always needs to be done by professionals so use a site like Snupit to find someone to wire this in for you. Then you are free to focus on the more important decision decisions to be made in the rest of the room.

Lastly, a hint of gold here and there is a great nod to that 70’s retro vibe and can work beautifully with the green and natural colors in this bedroom. Try lamps with gold bases on the nightstands, or mirrors edged in gold displayed above the headboard for an easy way to complete your palm patterned bedroom.  

The walls

When working with such a bold print, it's always best to keep the walls as plain and neutral as possible. That means for the most part white walls will be preferable. Although I have seen some nice rooms completed with one wall accented in a palm print paper. However, if you do this, you will need to be careful that the room doesn't become too overwhelming and dark.  So position it away from the head of the bed, or use wicker and woven accessories in light colors to break the pattern up a bit.

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