Friday, October 20, 2017

Is College Approaching for Your Son or Daughter?

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I have one son who went to a local college.  Before he registered, we checked into any discounts/aid available for him.  I highly recommend doing this once you have decided which college your son/daughter will be attending.  College can be extremely expensive and many are still paying off loans long after they have graduated.

On top of the discounts for actual college, there are often discounts available through local businesses with a student ID.  Your college student needs to be aware of the local discounts that will help cut down on their overall expenses.  If you/they are already paying for college you need to cut corners where you can.  Many times restaurants, clothing stores, grocery stores and even places of entertainment offer discounts to college students.  By having this information, they will be able to choose which places offer them better deals.  Why go further into debt if you do not have to?

PromoCodesForYou has created an Ultimate Guide to the best college student discounts available!  Here is an example:

So, once everything is in place for your student to begin college, make sure you have told them about student discounts, so they can continue saving throughout their time in college.

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