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Helping Your Children Beat the Bedtime Blues

For whatever reason, children generally just don’t seem to like bedtime — they never have, and probably never will. Whether it be because they are scared of being left alone in the dark or it may be because they don’t like having to leave their toys and games behind for the night. Or it could be because they can’t settle into a healthy sleeping pattern. Whatever the reason for a particular child not liking bedtime, there will always be a reason. But there are things that you, as a parent, can do to banish and beat the blues your child suffers with at bedtime. Read on to see just a few of them.

Make your child’s mattress as comfy as can be

It might sound obvious, but the mattress plays a massive part in the success of both sending your child off to sleep at a healthy time of the night, and seeing them sleep right through until the morning. Yes, you might already have figured that one out. But, did you know that the fact that your child is constantly growing means that they either need a new mattress every so often, or they need one that adjusts to their ever-changing body type, in order to keep them truly comfy at night? If saving money is something that you wish to do, then the latter option is the option for you. By purchasing your child a mattress that molds to their stature, no matter how much it changes, you can see them both remain comfy, and thus more likely to win their war against insomnia, for years to come without having to constantly shell out for new mattresses. So, get your child a mattress that will adjust to their body, such as one made of memory foam. And if finding the perfect one for your child is proving to be a struggle then head over to Sleep Ridiculously Well because they review mattresses, toppers, pillows and even comforters made of memory foam. By doing so, you would be able to categorically rule out discomfort as being the bedtime blue keeping your child awake.

Talk to your child before bedtime, and act upon what you hear

Sometimes, it is not the levels of comfort that your child feels in bed that keeps them awake. Sometimes, it is something far deeper than that. Sometimes, it’s something going on in their mind that is bringing them their bedtime fussiness. The best way to fight whatever it is that is running through their mind is to talk to them about it. Help to relieve any fears they might be having.

Whether your child tells you about their bedtime issue or not, it’s time for you to act. One way to act is to make sure your child knows exactly what is expected of them once he or she is in bed — specifically, you want them to know that they must stay there. Let them know you will come to them when they call, but that they can not just keep calling you once you have taken care of the problem. Another solution can be to provide your child with some sort of protection, such as a teddy bear or a night light. Oftentimes having a cuddly animal to sleep with calms their fears. The nightlight will allow them to still see and not feel like they are left in total darkness.

A healthy and stable sleeping pattern is vital for the growth of a child. And it’s up to you to ensure your child has one!


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