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Gifts For Coffee Lovers! #BeanBox #HolidayGiftGuide

Coffee gifts are not an unusual idea during the holidays. Many coffee lovers are thrilled to find that their friends and family have remembered them during the Christmas season with a new mug, coffee gift set, or some other nod to their favorite beverage. Here's a new idea that they will love, however! I recently discovered Bean Box, and they have a unique (to me, at least) offering: beans that are freshly roasted right before shipping so that you have the best, most flavorful coffee experience imaginable!

I received the Deluxe Coffee and Chocolate Tasting Box for review. This is a coffee lover's dream come true!! The box comes with 8 gourmet whole bean coffees and 8 gourmet chocolate bars tastefully arranged-perfect for gifting! The neat thing about this is that the box comes with the month's top coffee picks in Seattle for that month. My box included Pano Blend, Paladino Espresso Blend, Fresh Crop Bright, Queen Anne Blend, Drip Blend, Papua New Guinea Yus, Roaster's Choice, and Sumatra Takengon Kkgo. These coffees range from light to dark roast, so no matter what your preference, there's something for everyone.

I was, obviously, excited to try out these different coffees. I usually purchase ground coffee, but I do have a grinder for occasional use so the past couple weeks I have been grinding the beans fresh for use. I just have to say, I was not prepared for the difference that freshly roasted beans would make in my beverage! I usually enjoy anywhere from one to three cups of coffee a day, varying between plain black coffee to a sweetened iced mocha or caramel latte...I'm one of those people that enjoys the whole range of coffee options! These Bean Box coffees have been some of the most enjoyable cups of coffee I've ever had. I generally prefer a medium to dark roast, but to my surprise I found myself also enjoying some of the lighter roasts that were included in the box. Freshly roasted and then grinding every morning before use makes the beverage - whether black, or a sweetened, flavored, cream-enhanced beverage - taste so much better! Ultra fresh and with that perfectly rich and deep coffee flavor. I also noticed that I need less coffee grounds in my machine to brew the perfect cup. I assume this is due to the super-fresh aspect of the Bean Box coffees, which means the full flavor is still there, not slowly fading away as it sits in a bag on the grocery store shelf.

Coffee perfection right there!

As you can tell, the coffees alone make this box worthwhile for a coffee lover. For the ultimate sweet indulgence though, pair a cup of one of these deliciously fresh coffees with a gourmet chocolate bar that's included in the box! My personal favorite was the Noble Dark-a simple dark chocolate bar that was perfect to pair with a cup of black coffee. The Arabica Cherry Espresso Bar was another favorite as well, that I loved pairing with an iced mocha-don't ask me why, the flavors just went together well!

Bean Box offers a wide selection of coffee gift boxes that would be perfect for any coffee lover this Christmas season. Or, for the ultimate gift-giving idea, they also offer monthly subscription boxes with options for one month, six months, and a year. This would be the perfect gift for any "coffeeholic" on your holiday shopping list!


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