Monday, October 23, 2017

Did Your City Make the List?

Hey neighbors!

Good to see you out today!  Just wondering if your city made the list of the most family friendly cities in America.  The map ranks the top 25 metropolitan cities based on how family friendly they are.  Now, I personally am a country type girl.  I would much rather live out in the country, but live close enough that I can easily travel to the amenities I need, but if you live in one of these cities, you might be interested how they ranked.

The cities were ranked based on things like low crime rates, which I was amazed to see helped the Charlotte NC score (2).  We used to live outside of Charlotte may years ago.  Other statistics that were checked included cost of living, child care availability, school quality, and even commute times.  Each of these were given a value, school being the highest and commute the lowest.  Then each of these metropolitan areas was rated and ranked.  The top 10 cities truly excelled in all areas.

If you are raising a family it is important that you consider where you are living.  Not everyone enjoys living in the country, so if you have to, or choose to live in a more metropolitan area, it is important that you consider just how family friendly it is.  Are there parks and museums your family can visit.  Once again, are the schools considered high or just average for education purposes.  Will the location of your home make it a difficult commute to work?  Each of these has to be factored in, as well of course as the safety of your family.

Do any of my neighbors reside in one of these cities?  Do you agree or disagree with your city's rating?  I do not think I would mind living outside of Denver Colorado (11), or maybe even one of the Texas cities (1,3,5).  Presently we live about equal distance from Chicago IL (19) and St. Louis MO (20).  It is approx. a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive for us, and we try to travel to one or the other occasionally to take advantage of some of the benefits of larger cities.

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