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Creating The Perfect Birthday Party For Your Pre-Teen

You can add real pressure to yourself when it comes to your child’s birthday, especially when they are getting to that teenage stage. It’s like every little possible detail matters in your mind. You want it to be perfect because you know your child deserves it. Where do you start to organise the perfect day? Here is a simple guide to help you through.


Are you having a party?

The big day is approaching so now is where the decision making needs to start. Do you want to throw a party for them and their friends? Or do you want to keep it as a family affair? Now's the time to make that decision. It might be worth speaking to your child and seeing what they would like to do to celebrate the big day. Sometimes they may surprise you and not want a lot of fuss. Others may want a huge party with all their school friends.

If you do decide to have a party where you need to invite people then ensure you get the invitations out as soon as possible. This avoids any disappointment that parents have made other plans with their children.


The next thing to decide on is what gifts you are planning on getting your child for their birthday. Perhaps they have been hinting at something for a while. Or you may have no idea at all. Of course, it isn’t all about the giving of gifts. If you are throwing a party, maybe that could be part of their present. Considering they can cost quite a bit of money themselves. It’s worth remembering that other family members will want to buy presents to give so give them a hand and offer suggestions if they ask. This means that your child will get things that they will use and be interested in.



The next thing to think about would be the location in which you would hold the party or gathering. Did you think about something more laid back? Perhaps an intimate gathering at home? Or do you need a venue that is a bit bigger to accommodate all the school friends? These are the questions to ask yourself. Venues need to be booked in advance so it’s worth having an idea of your numbers to quote. They may also require a deposit so bear that in mind when making the phone call. When it comes to having a party at a location try and think about what will be convenient. Is it easily reachable? Will people find it? If you decide to have it at home where will you want your guest to gather? Is there enough space or chairs?


Once you know where you are having the party or gathering the next thing to consider is how will you decorate your chosen venue. There are so many ideas on the internet for things like party food inspiration and room decor, that it’s easy to go a little overboard. Things like bunting, happy birthday signs and balloons are always good fun. You could think about involving a balloon company who will be able to decorate your chosen venue well. Offering an archway for the guests to walk through or balloons matching the theme. This could make the day extra special. Even a balloon spelling out your child's name and age would be a great touch. Just make sure you involve your child in the decision-making process. They are at the stage where they want their opinion to be heard.


What will they wear?

Next thing to consider would be your child's outfit. Although they may have other ideas, you will want them to look their best for their special day. Perhaps having something that is unique to them like a personalised t-shirt or something that has a slogan on it specific to the party and/or their interests may be a good idea.. There are a few different places you could get something like that. But this website has a great selection. It will be worth taking the weather into consideration as well. Is it summer so likely to be warm? Or is in the middle of winter when you need to wrap up more? Your venue will have a big factor on what your child wears as well. If you decide to host a party at home then the clothing may not be such a big deal, but if it’s at the cinema or a bowling alley, you might consider different clothing.

Party Food

Another thing to think about is the party food. If you are having a gathering at home, you could enlist the help of family members and make things like finger foods or stews. These are always popular in the winter months. Alternatively, if the gathering is taking place in the summer, then a BBQ is an excellent idea. This kind of food normally appeals to the masses. If your party is at a venue, then you can’t go wrong with the typical party food selection. If the venue includes a meal, then things like cheeseburger and chips will always go down as a treat. Alternatively, a buffet comprising of sausage rolls and sandwiches will always be welcomed with open arms by kids and adults alike.


If you want to give your party a little extra something, then why not consider the entertainment. If your party is at a venue, this may have already been taken care of. However, enlisting the staff to put some music on and encourage some party games will always lift the mood of a party. If the party is being held at home, then there are some things you could consider. You could have a karaoke competition in your living room. Kids and adults will love taking part in games so maybe thinking about adding some new games to the party could be a great addition.

Someone responsible for capturing the moments

Something else to think about, which is often forgotten, make sure you have someone responsible for taking photographs. So many times people will forget to do this and then lose all the memories. Or you as mom become responsible and, therefore, miss out on the day yourself. If the budget isn’t an issue then getting a photographer to take some shots will be amazing. However, if you have a friend or relative who has an interest in photography then give them the opportunity to do it. They will love the chance to take some pictures and flex their skills.

I hope that this helps you to create the perfect party for your pre-teen.


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