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Big Family, Low Energy Bill: Is It Doable?

When it comes to energy usage, big families always tend to be the ones using the highest amounts of energy, because there are more people in the house. However, just because you have a large family, that doesn’t necessarily mean that when it comes to your energy usage, you will use a lot of energy and get a large (and unaffordable) bill to pay.

The good news is that a big family doesn’t have to equal high energy bills. If you are willing to get a little creative and learn how to reduce yours’ and your family’s energy usage, you can cut your energy bill in half. It’s just a case of being willing to put in the time and effort to find ways to reduce your energy consumption as a family.

To make the process of doing so a little easier, below are some tips and suggestions to take note of.

Create new habits

bubble bath.jpg

Often, we get into the habit of using more energy than we need to. We run deeper baths than we need. We put the heating or air conditioning on when it’s not necessary or at a much higher temperature than needed. We leave lights on when it’s not necessary to do so. We leave devices on standby. You get the idea; we are using too much energy when we don’t need to be. However, just because this is how you currently live, that doesn’t mean that this has to continue to be the case. You can cultivate new habits; it will just take time, that’s all. Hold a family meeting, explain that you want to cut energy costs, and ask every family member to play a part in helping to do so. For younger children, a sticker chart could act as a useful motivator. For every time they turn off a light or turn an electronic gadget off not just put it on standby, they get a sticker, and after they have 50 stickers, they get a prize.

Upgrade your home

The fact is that if your home is energy efficient, then it will be more difficult to reduce the amount of energy that is being used. So it pays to invest in your home and upgrade it to make it into a more energy efficient space. One of the best ways to do this is to consider having solar panels fitted by a home solar panel installation company. The fact is that solar panels might be pricey, but they will more than pay for themselves in terms of the amount of free energy that you get from them. You might even make a little money from them by selling unused energy back to your local energy company. Another way that you can upgrade your home is by having energy efficient light bulbs fitted. These cost a little more than normal bulbs but use less energy and last twice as long. Often, it’s little changes that make all of the difference.

Put limitations in place


Sometimes you have to be strict. When it comes to your family’s energy usage, it’s important to stand your ground and try and reduce the amount of energy that is being used by as much as possible. This might mean only turning the heating on twice a day at a low heat instead of having it on all day long or up at a high temperature. Or, it could mean limiting the depth of baths or the number of baths taken per week by each family member. If you want to reduce your spending, you may need to be strict and put certain limitations in place.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about reducing your energy bill and making family life more affordable.


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