Monday, October 23, 2017

5 Essential Services You Should Have In Your Contacts List

Planning ahead is something most moms need to do every single day. Busy lives mean that you have to be thoroughly organized at all times. Scheduling and budgeting might be your strengths, and navigating everyday issues comes with the job. Occasionally things happen that you couldn’t have planned for or even predicted. That’s when you need to call for help. Do you already have these essential contacts in your phone book?

If all the lights go out and you don’t know why you only have a few short hours before your refrigerated food starts to spoil. That means you need to call out your local electrician pretty quickly. If it’s a hot day, you’ll have no AC. And if it’s really cold, you’ll have no way to heat the whole house. You might not be able to cook, and when it’s dark, you will struggle with just candlelight. Do you know who to call if the power is out?

If a pipe bursts, most of us know where to turn off the main supply. We’re all pretty good at cleaning up spills, but without a reliable plumber, you can’t turn that water back on! Have a look at the testimonials and services on the Maplewood Plumbing services website to get an idea what you should be looking for in a reliable plumber. You need one that can handle any emergency situation as well as those pesky leaks that turn up from time to time.

Internet Service Provider
These days, it’s hard to cope without access to the internet! You wouldn’t be able to read this article without it. If your internet goes down, you won’t be able to stream any movies or TV episodes either. Make sure you have your internet service provider contact details on your phone. Your access can go down for several reasons. Sometimes it is something that can be fixed remotely. Other times it might require on site service from a technician.

If you have pets, you should make sure you have your pet’s doctor in your contact list. Pets can get themselves into all sorts of trouble. They can run into traffic, or eat poisons. If you find your pet in distress it is essential you call for help immediately. If an accident happens after hours, there might not be anyone at the veterinary practice so you would need to call ahead for assistance. Usually, they can provide advice on the phone that will help you to put your mind at ease or even administer emergency procedures yourself.

Car Assist

If you ever drive anywhere, then it is a good idea to also have a phone number for some sort of motor assistance service. Like a breakdown recovery provider, you can find mobile mechanics that will service your vehicle and get you running again at the side of the road. Some providers will help you start your car from home if you can’t get it going. Others will include hotel accommodation if they can’t get your car fixed right away. The last thing you need is to be stranded with no help hundreds of miles from home. What are your 5 essential services you can call on?

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