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Turn Your Bed into a Comfy Cloud


Is your bed a little slice of heaven? Do you jump into it eagerly every night knowing that a relaxing night of sleep lays ahead of you? Or, is your mattress lumpy, your pillows flat and your sheets scratchy? If it’s the latter, it’s time for you to turn that pathetic excuse for a bed into something more akin to a comfy cloud; something that you can sink into and feel supported all night long. Here are some simple tips to help you do just that:

Invest in a Microplush Body Pillow

The microplush body pillow is such a simple invention; basically, it’s a U-shaped pillow that supports the whole body, molding to your unique contours for more support from the tip of your toes to the top of your head. It’s particularly useful for pregnant women and individuals who are recovering from surgery, but really anyone can benefit from having one of these in the bedroom.

Sleep Like an Egyptian

If you’re sick and tired of being kept up at night by scratchy sheets that not only irritate but also cause you to sweat excessively, invest in a good set of Egyptian cotton sheets, and you will be in much more comfortable. They’re soft, crisp and because they’re made from all natural materials, they allow your body to breathe.

Chill Out

If the main thing stopping your bed from being the comfy cloud you wish it was is excessive heat; if you delight in flipping the pillow over so you can rest your head on the cool side, get yourself a cooling gel pillow, and you’ll always feel fresh in bed.

Make Waves
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The waterbed might be considered a 60s staple, but actually, if you’re looking to increase the comfort of your bed, it’s pretty hard to beat. Water beds, like these Sterling Sleep waterbeds, can ease back pain, arthritis and joint pain and much more besides. So, if you struggle with pain in the night, they are an option that’s definitely worth considering.

Get a Night Light

No, I’m not suggesting you regress to your 4-year old self and plug a Barney night light in next to your bed every evening. However, if you have trouble breathing during the night, adding a night light air humidifier into the mix is a must. Use it as your main source of light in the hour before you retire to bed, and because it’s a blue light, it won’t prevent you from sleeping soundly.

Top It Off

If you feel like you need more support in bed, another thing you could try is a DreamFoam Gel Memory Topper, which you can place on top of your existing mattress to increase your comfort. It will help you sleep more soundly by supporting your contours so that you don’t end up with a stiff neck, sore back or worse. Memory foam pillows are also great at supporting the neck if you need some extra help in that department.

With these very affordable additions to your bedroom, you can bet that you’ll sleep more soundly, in greater comfort, than you have in a long time.


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