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Last Minute Guests: Get Your House In Order -- Fast!


Ideally, you will always have a fair amount of notice when you’re going to be hosting guests. Time you can use to ensure your house is in good order and looks presentable. That’s the ideal anyway.

It’s also not guaranteed to be the reality.

There are a variety of circumstances in which you might find yourself preparing your home for guests without much notice. You might have friends announce a surprise visit, or need to offer your home to people you care about who have had to leave theirs due to flooding or other issues.

While you’re never going to be the full-blown hostess with the mostess in these sudden scrambles to provide accommodation, there are a few steps you can take to guarantee your unexpected guests as much comfort as possible. Below are five steps you can run through even if you only have a few days to prepare -- if you have less time, pick and choose the ones you can manage, and be satisfied you have tried your best.

Step One: Declutter

You don’t have to do a deep dive on this one; just go for the surfaces and floor areas. It doesn’t have to be a true declutter either. Just grab anything that’s out of place and store it elsewhere until your guests have left. By all means, if you see items that you’re happy to throw away then do so, but for the most part this is just about creating space.

Step Two: Clean

The imminent announcement of guests can send you into a tailspin, as you frantically wonder: have I got time to scrub the bathroom tile grout? Can I find carpet cleaning near me that can do an emergency job? What areas can I get away with not cleaning?

Realistically, you might not have the chance to clean as much as you would hope to be able too. Focus on surfaces and areas that require good hygiene, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Anything else is a bonus.

Step Three: Make The Best Bedding You Can


The main thing that guests are going to focus on is how comfortable their sleeping arrangements are. Good bedding is an essential part of this; simple cotton sheets and pillowcases are the best choice if you’re in a rush. It helps to have clean, preferably seldom-used sheets on hand at all times, ready to be called into service if required.

Step Four: Shop

No unexpected guest is going to expect your cupboards to be stocked full of their favorite things, but a quick shop to stock up on basics -- meat, milk, bread -- is an excellent idea if you have got the time.

Step Five: Welcome Your Guests

Finally, when you have run through as many of the above four steps as you can manage, you’re ready to welcome your guests. No one is going to expect the perfect experience on short notice, but by doing as many of the above as possible, you at least guarantee everything is as good as it possibly can be.


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