Friday, September 29, 2017

Keep Your Children In Mind When Moving

Moving is always a difficult and stressful period, no matter how well prepared you are for it. With all the best planning in the world, you’ll still need to keep on top of every important decision to finally consider the entire operation a success. If you do this right, you’re much more likely to enjoy the process, and the new opportunities and call to adventure the move will bring with it.

Often, your best choice to get everything moved properly, is hiring the best interstate furniture removals firm. This way you can have all of the necessary items in the new home set up ready for you to use as soon as you turn the key in the lock.

You will need to keep your children in mind. Moving is a stressful time for them, even more than for an adult. If your family used to move around often as a child, you'd be aware of how turbulent it can feel for a child. Even if you know you are moving for all of the right reasons, it can take children much longer to acclimate to a new environment than you might have initially thought. Keep in mind the following tips to maintain their needs and help them feel a little more settled in the move.


Children need plenty of rest, but around the day of the move, they will need even more sleep. Make sure they go to bed earlier the night before. Taking time to set up the car (for the drive to the new place,) in a way which allows them to sleep well is a good idea. Try to pack the vehicle giving them plenty of room. Don’t pack them so tight that their legs have limited room in the vehicle or so they have a limited view of you. Pack pillows, and help them wrap up warm. This will help keep them feeling comfortable while all the hustle and bustle takes place around them.


One of the biggest complaints of adults whose childhood was defined by often moving around is that they had little time to enjoy a regular group of friends. They were always having to make new friends with each move. Within the first few weeks of your children’s move to the new home, it’s important to help them feel connected to their local environment.

Consider taking them to community events, sporting activities, gyms and playgrounds where they can meet their peers. Depending on the age of the child, martial arts or helping them pick up an instrument can often help them feel rooted in their new area.


A space they can call their own and feel comfortable in is high on the list of important priorities. Let them participate in setting up their new room. This will help them feel like they’ve stamped their personality on the place. This can be the best and most easy method of keeping your children satisfied and happy in the new home.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a happy new household, one which promises new adventure for you all.

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