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Is Your Home Secure When You Exit the Door?

Ask yourself this; when you set off to work and start your commute, do you remember to lock the door? Most people would answer yes, but there’s always that very slight and small possibility that you forgot to do it. What about the windows? Perhaps you left a window open because it was hot last night, but you neglected to close and lock it. It’s easy to open from the outside now, and thieves can climb in, steal your possessions and leave safely before you even come home from work.

These are the types of security concerns that always worry us. As soon as we exit the door, the chances of our homes being burgled increase and it’s always a concern that we need to keep in mind. However, there are plenty of ways to feel more secure when you leave the door, and here are just a couple of those methods.

Deterring thieves

First, make sure you have a way to deter thieves from entering your home. Animals such as dogs are perfect because they’ll bark at intruders, scaring them off or alerting the neighbours. In fact, former burglars actually say that dogs are the best deterrent to thieves because of how loud they are.

Another useful way to prevent thieves is to have CCTV cameras installed. There’s more information about this below, but even if you can’t afford a full system, having just one or two cameras around your home is enough to send a warning. Many homes also have security devices installed on the exterior of their home. These serve as useful devices to keep burglars away, but they also act as deterrents.

If you need to leave home at night, then make sure you leave a light or two on to fake a presence in your home. This is surprisingly effective as long as you’re not being watched. Most burglars aim for houses that are completely empty, and the sight of seeing a light on will keep them at bay. If you have a smart home, then consider installing lights that can be turned on or off with timers or through the use of your smartphone so they look more natural.

Install security cameras

If your modern home doesn’t have an alarm or any kind of security, then you’re putting your entire property at risk. Your home has many different entry points; from the windows to doors to even the basement, there are multiple ways that someone can break into your home. If they’re going to use brute force, then they can easily smash a window, grab your stuff and run off. If you don’t have cameras, then you won’t be able to identify the thieves and you’ll be left with nothing.

Make sure you read this security cameras guide to ensure that you’ve got the right countermeasures to deal with this. If you aren’t able to record the face of those thieves, you’ll have less of a chance to catch them. Plan ahead for the potential situation that they use brute force to break into your home to grab your stuff. Don’t just use proactive methods to keep your home safe, use reactive ones too!

With the right preventative and reactive measures, you’ll have no trouble keeping thieves away and it will even reduce your overall home insurance costs.


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