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Is Success Worth Ruining Your Health?

Success comes in different shapes. For some it’s about getting the perfect body, for others, it’s about finding the perfect job. Whatever your success looks like, it’s important that you are aware of the difference between an achievable goal in your aspirations to success and an impossible dream that is not attainable. Sounds a little odd? Think about it this way: Being successful is the art of reaching your objective without causing yourself any major loss. Imagine a racing car driver who manages to win the race. Is it a success? Yes. Now imagine that during the race the car driver is involved in an accident that causes himself and others harm, but he still manages to win the race. Is it still a success? It’s a debatable point. Is it still worth winning if you’re in terrible pain and will be for a very long time? Well, maybe not, maybe the race wasn’t a success. You may not be a racing car driver, but there are still situations in which the path to success is putting your health at risk and forcing you to wonder: Is it really worth it?

Smart supplements for the perfect body
The fitness industry is a world of obsessions. Everyone wants to get slimmer and fitter. And as you workout at the gym, you can also help your body with clever fitness supplements, aka the famous fitness shakes. Unfortunately, there are many shakes on the market that contain DMAA, also called 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine, forthane, and geranamine  – yes, it comes with a bunch of names! DMAA is synthetically produced, and it’s a stimulant used to improve your athletic performance. The only problem is that we're not sure of its side effects because there’s not enough research. Instead, you should trust a DMAA free pre-workout by Rexx Sports Nutrition which is clinically proven to have effective results. It’s a blast of energy to keep your workouts effective, but it’s a blast of safe and tested energy!

Starving yourself to lose weight
The best way to lose weight is to get your body to generate its energy from your fat storage. Unfortunately, a lot of people choose the easy solution and replace workouts by self-induced starvation. A severe calorie deficit can have serious health impacts on your body. For a start, your body is not getting the nutrients it needs to function. Standard body functions are discontinued, including menstruation for women. Additionally, your skeleton loses bone density and becomes brittle. You experience fatigue and high blood pressure. And finally, you can become depressed and have difficulties thinking clearly.

Working hard for the perfect career
When you work hard to impress your boss or to land the job of your dream, you’re likely to experience an increase in stress levels. Stress, unfortunately, is the major cause of death in the office. Indeed, it is linked to heart diseases, due to the increase in white blood cells as a result of the body’s survival mechanism. Additionally, as your brain can only focus on short-term functions, it is unable to manage longer-term functions such as your digestion.

From desperate body perfection to powerful career, some forms of success can damage your body and leave you in poor health. If you experience any health issue, it’s time to sit down and ask yourself how much your success is worth to you.


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