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How To Turn Your Home Into An Impenetrable Fortress

As the saying goes, ‘a gentleman’s home is his castle.’ This should be the place to relax and take refuge from the outside world. However, life isn’t so simple. While your ‘castle’ won’t come under threat from armies from opposing countries (we hope), your domestic fortress can still be penetrated from external forces that are common to all of us.

Banish the bugs

Bugs are a common nuisance, and we have all suffered from the irritations of a buzzing bee and a wandering woodlouse. There are numerous ways to turn your home into a bug-free zone without the need to stand guard at your door with a rolled up newspaper ready to swat those tiny intruders. A common way is to seal any cracks in your doors and windows, but you should also consider the foundation of your home. This is where most bugs are liable to gain entry, especially termites, ants and fleas who thrive in wet areas. You should keep away firewood and grass clippings from your foundations to avoid attracting pesky bugs, and consider
crawl space encapsulation, which is the process of sealing the border between your home and the moist land beneath it. Sealing your foundations is your best form of defense.

Keep out the burglars

Burglaries don’t only happen in areas of high crime, so no matter how safe you think you are, you should always find ways to burglar-proof your home. When fortifying your home, begin with the front door. Check the locks, and if you think they aren’t strong enough, reinforce them with both a deadlock and a cylinder lock. Windows are a common entry point for burglars, so install shutters or security grilles, and have a look at the ABUS window lock which is designed to provide maximum protection from would-be intruders. You should also install home-security devices around the home, including surveillance cameras and security alarm systems. Not only are they a way to warn you of any impending dangers, but they will also act as a deterrent for any burglar thinking of breaking into your home.

Deal with your problem neighbours

We can choose where we live, but we can’t control who lives alongside us. Many of us suffer from difficult neighbours, be it the noise they create next door, or those people who enjoy a good snoop at our property from the outside.

For noisy neighbours, there are ways to soundproof your wall by adding various types of insulation to your property. However, you can also hang solid drapes and curtains on your walls, as well as your windows, to reduce the annoying sounds made by your neighbours. When it comes to those peeping Tom’s (or Beryl’s or Sandra’s), you should block their view as much as possible, with a taller fence or lines of shrubbery. You might also consider a state of the art option, such as a smart window film, which will shut yourself off from prying eyes.

Final word

By following our advice, you will enjoy the peace and security of your home, knowing you have built up your defenses from those outside threats.


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