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How To Prevent Your Deck Rotting This Autumn

It was nice while it lasted, but summer is out and autumn in. You can already tell by the trees and plants and the changing weather. For the most part, a change in season is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is wear extra layers and carry an umbrella in case it rains. If you are a gardener, the worsening weather is a problem because moisture leads to rot. And, it can destroy everything in its path. A typical garden often has everything from a wood shed to decking, it is essential to avoid rot at all costs.

Here’s what you need to know.

Treat The Wood

Wood is durable, but there is only so much battering from the elements it can take. From the summer sun to the winter snowfall, the weather beats and mauls the structural composition. The worst thing for wood, though, is moisture. When the rain hits, it seeps into the wood and begins to whittle away from the inside. Treating the decking with special oil prevents this from happening. Atlanta Post Caps says that post caps can help, too. By capping the top of the wood, there is less chance of the water forming in pools.

Clear Standing Water

Treating wood isn’t enough if there are pools of standing water. Yes, the oil will help prevent erosion, but it is only so effective. When pools form, the water can rot away the wood regardless. The best option is to sweep away the pools of water from the deck and into the garden. That way, the standing water won’t get the chance to seep into the decking. A simple brush is all you need to get the job done. Just make sure to do it after every shower to maintain the wood.

Get Rid Of Pests

To gardeners, pests are annoying because they eat whatever is in their path. Sadly, wood isn’t exempt from their destruction. Insects such as termites and carpenter ants will gladly get inside your decking and chow down. Of course, they ruin the decking as they eat away at the material, making it weak and unsound. The key is to terminate any pests as soon as you see signs of rot. Killer Termites Guide believes it depends on the type of insect, but a pesticide usually does the job. If not, low temperatures will freeze them out, while a lack of moisture makes their job a lot harder.

Clean Between The Cracks

Autumn is called the fall for a reason. Trees and plants shed their leaves, and they form a pile on the ground. It looks benign, yet it can lead to rot. When leaves begin to erode, the bacteria can transfer from one material to another. If they are in the gaps of the decking, the bacteria will start to eat away at the wood. The obvious solution is to keep the deck tidy throughout the autumn and winter months. If the foliage doesn’t land on the flooring, it can’t cause any undue damage.

Follow these tips and your decking will look as good as new.


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