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How To Make The Best (And Healthiest!) Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

Grilled cheese sandwiches are very much an ultimate comfort food. They just make us feel good with the delicious melted cheese warming our soul. Many people have grilled cheese recipes that they claim are the best ever. Well, I’ve got one that will help you produce an amazing grilled cheese sandwich in hardly any time at all. What’s more, my recipe is healthy and could make for the perfect pre or post exercise snack.

Follow my recipe if you want to create the perfect grilled cheese:

Step 1: The Bread

Your choice of bread is very important when making a grilled cheese as you don’t want something that gets too soggy when the cheese melts. Plus, you want some bread that’s actually healthy and better for you than a standard white loaf. Get yourself some delicious whole-grain bread and cut two relatively thick slices.

Step 2: The Cheese

Picking something like plain old white bread will contribute to the unhealthiness of a regular grilled cheese. However, it’s often your choice of cheese that makes it more unhealthy than it needs to be. Cheese is a great source of protein and calcium, which are both great for keeping us in good health. Unfortunately, some cheeses are very high in fats, which isn’t good. For me, a reduced fat cheddar cheese is the way to go. You don’t need to use lots, and I suggest grating it, so a little goes a long way. You could also use low-fat mozzarella if you wanted a bigger protein hit.

Step 3: The Cooking Method

Naturally, a grilled sandwich should be grilled. However, a lot of people get a skillet or griddle and cook their sandwich on the stovetop. I’m not a fan of this idea as you often add some oil to the pan beforehand and it’s not the healthy way of cooking. Instead, stop yourself from frying in a pan and use a grill instead, the good old fashioned way! You can do this either with a grill you use on your stovetop or by getting an indoor grill. With the latter, you have a quicker and more even cooking time. For me, the best indoor grill is one that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to clean. You can construct your sandwich, pop it on the grill, close the lid, and you’re done when the cheese starts to melt and go bubbly.

With the first option, you simply put your sandwich under the grill until the bread starts to go brown and toasty and the cheese melts. But, you have to turn it over from time to time to make it even.

Bonus: Additional Fillings

If you want to elevate your healthy grilled cheese sandwich, you can add some extra fillings. If you want to pack your sandwich full of extra good stuff then spinach is great. Some high-quality slices or ham or salami add protein and flavor as well. The choice is yours!

There you go, a healthy grilled cheese recipe that will taste delicious. When you use good bread and cheese options, the whole sandwich tastes healthier. By grilling it, you can cook to perfection and reduce your chances of burning it. Give it a go if you want a nice healthy snack!


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