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Hints for Getting Your Home Winter Ready

It seems like only yesterday that we were basking in the glorious sunshine of the summer, heading to barbeques, venturing down to the beach and enjoying some quality time outdoors with our friends and family. Now that autumn is slowly beginning to creep onto the scene, we are already starting to think about the nights drawing in, the cooler weather and the inevitable emergence of winter. Some people adore the crisper days, the vapour escaping every time you breathe out the cold winter air and the night’s huddled in front of the TV complete with a roaring fire. Winter can be idyllic. However, you must ensure that you prepare your household for the freezing months. Otherwise, you could be heading for a home maintenance disaster.


Check Your Air Ducts

If you have an HVAC system that provides your home with some much-needed heat, it’s vital that you get it professionally serviced before the onslaught of winter. There are 4 things you need to do before using your heating system this year including filter maintenance, insulation and draft reduction. If you don’t take care of your heating system, you risk it breaking down at the worst possible time of year, leading to some freezing days for you and your loved ones sat huddled together wrapped in layers of clothing and blankets, not to mention the cost of repairing your HVAC. Solid maintenance will result in fewer problems.



If you warm your house via gas central heating, it’s vital that you test your heating now before the pipes have chance to freeze. Frozen pipework can lead to cracks, leaks and blockages that can prevent your heating system from working. By firing your heating up once a week, even for just ten minutes, you are keeping the pipes warm and preventing them from solidifying in the freezing temperatures that could soon be on their way.



If you haven’t already, check the windows of your home for drafts. There’s nothing worse than leaving it until the depths of winter only to discover that the double glazing above your bed is letting in a bitterly cold gust of wind into your home every so often. It could be rectified simply by replacing the sealant or could require a full window fascia investigation. Either way, it’s better to sort it out now before winter sets in.



If your home isn’t well insulated, you could find yourself spending a small fortune attempting to keep your home warm as the heat constantly escapes your home. This could be fixed simply by adding cavity wall and loft insulation into your home saving you up to a week’s wages in utility bills every winter. It may be an expensive outlay, but the insulation will pay for itself in only five years.

It’s vital that you begin to prepare early for the chillier winter months. This way, you know that your home will be in perfect order and ready for even the most freezing of conditions that winter has to bring.


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