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Here's How You Can Clean Your Electronic Items Without Ruining Them

You will probably find it relatively easy to clean your house, and we have given you some great advice here on, but you may have specific concerns about your gadgets and electronic items. Computers, keyboards, and smartphones are all prone to getting a little dirty with dust and fingerprints, but you need to take extra care when cleaning so as not to damage them. Here’s how you can do it.


Considering these are in our hands a lot of time throughout the day, they are prone to getting greasy from our fingerprints. On a daily basis, it is a good idea to use a microfiber cloth to get rid of the built up dirt, but be gentle as the screens can be sensitive. Water is fine, and provided you unplug your phone first, then lightly dampen a cloth before giving it a rub down. Disinfect it with a touch of vinegar, too. Remember, just dampen the cloth, do not soak it.

Over time, your phone will need a deeper clean, as dust and grime can fill your phone through the openings in the jack sockets. An effective way to deal with this problem is to use an ultrasonic cleaner, and you can find more advice at Alternatively, open up your phone and use a small amount of diluted rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to give your device a more thorough clean.

Tv and computer screens

You can buy special cleaners for tv and computer screens, but you can make your own concoction at home. With a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar, spray it onto a soft cloth (not a paper towel which can cause damage) and rub it into the screen in a circular motion. You need to be especially gentle on LCD screens as you can burn out the pixels, so turn the tv or computer monitor off, and rub gently on particularly dirty areas. Then wipe away using a microfiber cloth.

Computer keyboards

The areas in between the keys get very dusty, so use a can of compressed air between the keys, or a soft-bristled brush to to alleviate the problem. Then use a cotton swab lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol to get in between the keys, and gently clean away any built up dirt and grime that has accumulated. Do the same on the keys themselves, which will have become particularly oily due to the constant use of your fingers. For a more thorough clean, or in the event of a spill, check out the advice on for a complete guide to cleaning your keyboard.

Your mouse

Unplug your mouse before cleaning, and clean it in the same ways as you did your keyboard. Use a cotton swab dipped in water or alcohol, and clean the rubber pads at the bottom. Then do the same to disinfect the mouse buttons. There should be no need for a deeper clean, but if you do open up your mouse, check the manufacturer’s guide in case you void warranty.

Thanks for reading, if you have some advice of your own, be sure to let us know.


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