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Do an Autumn Cleanup In 3 Easy Steps


Everyone has heard of a spring clean, but what about an autumn cleanup? Your home is your castle, and it deserves more than one mammoth clean every year. It’s vital that you stick to a weekly cleaning routine to keep your humble abode safe, tidy and hygienic. However, there’s nothing wrong with setting aside a day or two and really going to town disinfecting, bleaching and polishing every inch of your pad so that it emerges from the cleaning products you unleash upon it a sweeter smelling, more coiffed and beautiful home than ever before. Take a look at these three easy steps to give your home the ultimate autumn cleanup.

Draw Up A List

Imagine that you aren’t limited by time or money and create a list of every single cleaning job that you would love to see completed in an ideal world and prioritize them. This way, the most important jobs are completed. It’s all too easy to get the quick and easy jobs done first such as clearing out the kitchen cupboards and decluttering the sideboard. It’s the messier and tricker jobs that often get overlooked. If there’s a blockage in your u-bend, the autumn cleanup is the time to fix it.

Go Beyond The Norm

It’s easy to whip out the vacuum cleaner, the polish and duster, and the grease removing sprays, but what about when you want to strive for that deeper clean? Think about the different surfaces that you have in your home. You may have wooden furniture, granite kitchen worktops, tiled bathroom flooring and original floorboards in the living room. You can’t possibly use one product to clean every single surface.

Think about going a step further than usual and shampooing your carpet. Giving your flooring this luxurious treatment will see it emerge with a fresh new look in the same way you do when you leave the salon after a pampering session. Consider hiring or purchasing a special steam mop to fully disinfect your kitchen tiles. Head to the Steam Insider site to read up on all the benefits of using a hot steam cleaning routine over a traditional mopping method. No longer do you have to worry about the more resistant bacteria in your kitchen when you’re unleashing eco-friendly steam upon the little blighters.


Head Outdoors

Even in the deepest of cleans, you may neglect your outdoor area. Head outside and climb a ladder to check out your roofing and guttering. The chances are that if you haven’t been up there in a couple of years, you’ll be needing a leaf blower to rid you of the damp, decaying foliage that has built up. You might want to get your hands dirty and clear off the moss. This moist and fast spreading plant can seep into the pointing in between your brickwork and could lead to damp mold patches appearing on the inside of your home, so it’s vital that you banish it from your gutters as quickly as possible.

Follow these three steps to see your home emerge from the end of summer refreshed and revitalized, ready to start the autumn season after having undergone an all-important cleanup.


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