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Decorating Your Home For Less Dollars


Furnishing your home needn’t cost a fortune. For those on a budget, there are lots of creative ways to save money on furniture and décor for your home. Here are a few tips for those eager to save their hard-earned cash.

Shop second hand – even for paint

You can buy pretty much anything second-hand. In almost all cases this will save you money, unless you’re shopping for antiques or vintage furniture. Sites such as Preloved are great places online for finding second-hand items in your area. You then have thrift stores, flea markets, consignment shops and yard sales for hunting down even more deals.

Don’t feel you have to stop at furniture when shopping second hand. If you’re looking to renovate you may be able to buy a half-full bucket of paint off someone for cheap, or even a second-hand kitchen countertop. There are some things you shouldn’t buy second-hand of course. Mattresses for example are best bought new as they can be covered in other people’s germs.

Try click-fit flooring

If you’re looking to fix up your flooring, you needn’t take out a home improvement loan. Many people don’t consider click-fit wooden and ceramic flooring which can be easily laid down without a professional. There are also roll-down methods of linoleum that can resemble wood or even stone.

Use bidding sites

Biding sites such as Dealdash are great for finding deals on items. Whilst you will be competing against other buyers, there are lots of bids happening at the same time and they’ve all got time limits. Some of it can be a case of being online at the right time. Remember to set a budget when going bidding so that you don’t overspend.

Give couponing a go

By collecting coupons, you may be able to grab a discount on a wardrobe or a new bathtub from a usually expensive home store. There are sites dedicated to couponing such as Groupon. Sign up to these and see what deals you can grab. Newspapers and magazines can sometimes contain vouchers and coupons too.

Hit the sales (but take caution)

There are some reliable annual sales such as the January Sales and Black Friday, which are great for getting huge bargains. However, you should be careful of slashed prices when it comes to seasonal deals. Many home stores will purposely overprice items to begin with, so that they can make huge reductions on them at a later date. These reduction attract buyers who think they’re getting a good deal, when it may in fact be the average price you’d pay in any other store. Always shop around for prices first. This will help you pick out the genuine deals from the fakes.

Find fixtures for free

Need a washing machine or fridge? Occasionally there may be people listing these items on Gumtree for free. You’ll generally have to pick up these items yourself and they may have slight faults, but it could help you get by for a temporary period.

Share some of your own ideas in the comments!


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