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Custom Home Decor With Mpix! #PhotoGifts

Recently, our family has been doing a lot of organizing, moving furniture, redecorating, and changing things up in our home-basically all those normal "spring cleaning" projects, only we waited till the end of summer to do it! One thing I've been doing is incorporating a lot of photos in my bedroom. I have a few canvas art pieces on my walls but I added some photo prints, a photo canvas, a photo album on my coffee table, and even some photos under the glass top of the coffee table. I think it gives the room a very personalized and homey look, as well as allowing me to enjoy so many memories just by being in my bedroom. One company that I discovered while doing all this photo decorating is Mpix, who offers the normal photo gifts (books, canvases, prints, etc.) but also had something different that I had never seen before. It's called a Thumbprint Photo Box, and this is one of the best photo products I have ever seen!

There are two options when ordering your thumbprint box; either 50 prints, or 10 mounted prints. These 4x4 prints come in a small wood box with four easels so you can display a few of the pictures and then swap them out as desired. I chose the 50 prints simply due to the fact that I had so many pictures I wanted to be able to display! The ordering process was very easy and the pictures were quickly uploaded and ready to be ordered. Shipping time was super-quick, and I was very anxious to see the finished product when it arrived. I thought it sounded like a neat idea, but I wasn't prepared for how lovely this is. (On a side note, this would make a perfect gift for someone-housewarming, wedding, birthday, anniversary, any event or reason you can imagine). The wood box is cute and is just perfect to sit on a coffee table, end table, shelf, or anywhere you'd like so people can browse the other pictures. At the same time, it keeps the rest of the pictures safe and protected until you decide to rotate out the ones on display. The easels will hold the unmounted photos just fine, and I am so enjoying having the ability choose from 50 different pictures which ones I'd like displayed each day. When the rest of the family saw the setup, they loved it! (Can we say Christmas gift idea to keep in mind this holiday season?!) This is so unique, and the perfect way to keep some cherished memories on display.

Mpix also allowed me to order a keychain for review. This is a metal keychain and you can choose from either a rectangle or rounded corners. Again, I was so impressed with this product. The colors are vibrant and clear, and I love how sturdy the keychain is. I had purchased a keychain for our new vehicle a few weeks beforehand, and it actually broke within about two weeks of use. So needless to say, I am thrilled with how sturdy this one is-with the added benefit of having one of my favorite pictures on it! The keychain is double sided, so you can choose to have either two different pictures or the same one on both sides.

I can't say enough how helpful Mpix was during the order process. I accidentally ended up putting the picture on the back of the keychain wrong, where the hole would have been through someone's head. They contacted me and offered to swap the photo around so it would be at the bottom of the picture instead. It's nice to know they catch mistakes like that and actually notified me so it could be corrected. I recommend Mpix as a great place to shop for any photo gifts or decor!


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