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All Shabby, No Chic: Home Solutions For Your Weather-Worn Exterior

You probably don’t need to be told that the outside of your home is pretty important from an aesthetic point of view.

After all, no matter how much we’re told not to judge a book by it’s cover… we all absolutely do that. We do the same with homes. We drive through a neighborhood and glancing at the outside of the houses, we think, gives us some insight into the people that live there. When it comes to actually buying a home, pulling up to view a house and immediately realizing what a mess it is - well, the interior has to be pretty spectacular to overcome that terrible first impression.

Maintaining the outside of your home is, therefore, important. You know that. The problem is, you’re up against an enemy: the weather.

You vs. Nature

It’s not a fair fight, let’s get that out of the way. The weather is constant; it’s always going to be able to continue its onslaught against your desires for exterior perfection, while you only have a limited time to spend fighting back.

There’s an awful lot that the weather can do with that time, too. In fact, there’s so many different ways that the weather influences the outside appearance of your home, here are just a few:

  1. Bright sunlight might be your friend, but it can bleach the outside of your house unevenly, as well as take its toll on the lushness of your lawn.
  2. Wind and rain can chip away at paint work, loosen roof tiles, and even bring entire exterior structures crashing down.
  3. If snow accumulates in your gutters, then there’s a good chance those gutters might come crashing down through the sheer weight.

So there’s plenty of ways that the weather can ruin the outside of your home, making it shabby chic - without the chic. How can you fight back?

Pick Durable Products

If you’re going to use paint on any aspect of your exterior - from the front gate to the house itself - then it needs to be durable. Really durable, too; we’re talking the likes of Rhino Shield, not you adding an extra coat of the cheapest paint you can find and just kind of hoping it’ll make do.

Durable, good quality products are undoubtedly more expensive in the moment. However, the fact they will last longer will save you a lot of money over time.

Fight The Weeds

Nothing can ruin the outside of your home faster than weeds appearing where they shouldn’t. This is especially problematic if they appear, not in the garden, but between the slabs and walkways. Be ruthless with weeds, dousing them with weedkiller or burning them out the moment you see them.

Bolt Everything Down

Unless you want to spend your life constantly having to pick up outdoor equipment, kids play areas, fences, and even plant pots, bolting them down is a good option. A few hours with a drill can save you countless time righting everything after a storm, as well as ensuring your house is always going to look good from the curb.

This is a battle you can win - so keep fighting for that perfect house exterior!



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