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Achieve A Boutique Bathroom The Easy Way

When people make a list of the rooms they are planning to renovate in their home, the chances are that the bathroom comes low down on the list. Often the smallest room in the house, and the one that is often forgotten about, your bathroom deserves the facelift it has been craving for years. You’ve already completed the swanky new kitchen, your living room is beautiful, and you have just put the finishing touches to each of the bedrooms. Now it’s time to dedicate some much-needed attention to your bathroom. Because they are often small, it can be hard to figure out what will create the haven of peace and tranquility that you want your bathroom to be.

It is a useful idea to think back to the most memorable hotels you have stayed in and try to remember their bathroom suites. Hotel bathrooms are renowned for being tiny so they can eek out as much square footage as possible. By mirroring a boutique hotel look, you will be sure to have a top quality bathroom that will stand the test of time.



Nothing oozes high end more than top quality tiling. Floor to ceiling tiles give your bathroom a chic look. You could opt for large stone effect pebble tiles or classic mosaic tiles in all shades of blue. Whatever your look, keep it consistent and don’t use every color of the rainbow. In such a small space you risk the room looking chaotic and messy. By sticking with blues, creams or whites, your bathroom will maintain a crisp, clean look.


Fixtures And Fittings

Whether you are opting for a four piece suite complete with separate shower cubicle or you select the more standard three piece suite, you should spend some money in top quality fittings. Even if you cannot afford a cast iron roll top bath, you can add a touch of luxury with boutique style faucets and shower heads. If your room is particularly cozy, look for basins and toilets that are space saving.

When fitting your suite, it’s vital that you use a reputable plumbing company to check your pipes, complete any alterations to your bathroom configuration and fix any leaks that may be hiding. By ensuring that your bathroom functions perfectly before the renovations begin in earnest, you won’t be in store for any nasty surprises later on.



As with any room, the accessories that you choose to have on show can lift a room from plain and normal to chic and beautiful. Consider some scented candles, a little bit of greenery and some high-end bath products. You want your bathroom to be a space where you can enjoy a long hot soak in the tub allowing you to switch off from the stresses of everyday life.

It’s time to take stock of your bathroom and work out a plan for your renovations. With a boutique feel and a luxurious look, your bathroom will be neglected no longer.


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