Friday, September 8, 2017

A Year Of Important Household Maintenance


Household maintenance - we all know we’re supposed to do it, and we all hate it. There’s nothing fun or interesting about returning something to the way that it should be; it’s not innovative; it’s not going to get your pulse racing. So maintenance is something that most of us choose to push into the background, right up to the point we really can’t ignore it anymore.

So what if you simplified things? Below, there’s a complete guide to each month, and a household maintenance task you should aim to complete in it. While this isn’t going to mean everything else automatically takes care of itself, you’ll be sure you’ve got the most important task for that month out of the way for sure.


January is cold and unpleasant, and you’ll primarily want to stay indoors. As a result, turn your attention to fully dusting and vacuuming the entire house. Move furniture, reach into the corners of the room - get everything done.


Spring is just around the corner, so it makes sense to start clearing the yard of any debris that has accumulated over the winter - just wrap up warm to do it!


It’s finally spring! This is a time of year for garden maintenance tasks, so plot out any new beds you want to build and start planting any flowers you want to see blossoming through the summer, such as the beauties featured on


It’s going to rain, so get into the attic and check the roof isn’t leaking. This is also a good time to check your insulation has survived the winter unscathed. If you find any holes, arrange to get them repaired.


The summer weather is coming, so it’s time to get in touch with the likes of to run a maintenance check on your AC. It’s best to do this now, as any later in the year and the idea of turning the AC off so the system can be checked is going to be untenable.


The warm weather makes it a good time to get outdoors and inspect the masonry of your home for any gaps and holes. If you find any, use an outdoor filler or expanding foam to plug the gap.


Check through your house for any signs of pests, who will be particularly active in the summer months. Get into the back of the kitchen cupboards to ensure no mice are munching through your stores; into the attic again to check for any signs of termites.


Back into the garden to prune anything back for the winter to come. If you have cold-sensitive plants, wrap them in horticultural fleece to keep them warm.


Leaves in the garden are going to start to become an issue - get them raked on a daily basis and either burn or dispose of them.


Now is a good time to start thinking about your heating system. Get your home heating system checked over and bleed your radiators if necessary.


You can’t dry clothes outdoors anymore, so empty out the lint trap of your dryer to ensure you’re protected against one of the most common causes of house fires.


With holiday lights beckoning, it’s a perfect time to check your electric wiring and plugs are all working as they should be.

And there you have it; 12 months; 12 tasks - and a better-running home as a result!

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