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A Place To Learn, Play and Grow

Your child’s room is so much more than just a place to sleep. It’s where they learn, play and grow. It’s where they have sleepovers with friends, spend quality time with their parents and a place for them to dream. So getting this right is so important, and if your child is at the stage where they’re outgrowing their nursery, you’re probably thinking of ideas to update the space. Here are some of the ways you can create the perfect child’s room for your precious little one.

Choose the Theme and/or Colour Scheme
Before doing anything else, choosing the theme or color scheme will give you something to work from. That way when you’re picking out accessories and other bits and pieces like rugs, art, cushions, and lamps you know they will all work well together. If you go with neutral walls and flooring, you can easily update it as your child grows without having to completely redecorate. Just one coat of paint to freshen things up and new accessories and you’re done. That way you’re able to switch up the space to suit their age and preferences without breaking the bank. Since kids grow and mature so quickly, it means they’re not left with a space that feels childish or outdated every couple of years.

Get The Bed Right
Getting children to go to bed and sleep at a decent time can be tricky, every parent has dealt with difficulties around bedtime at one stage or another. ‘Bedtime’ is a work that just about every kid dreads, but we know how important good sleep is for their development, growth, and mood. Getting the bed right and making it extra comfy is one way you can help. People can be tempted to buy cheaper mattresses for kids since they don’t weigh much, but it’s worth investing in the best quality you can. Finish with a children’s pillow (anything too large can hurt their back and neck), a hypoallergenic duvet and sheets. Using a bamboo bed sheet can be a good option since they are incredibly soft and will keep your child warm in winter and cool in summer. Plus they’re made from a sustainable material, so you do your bit to help the planet.

Think About Storage and Layout
Children's rooms are often on the smaller side, so making the very most of the space is essential. If you use shelves on walls, utilize under bed storage and organize things in cupboards and drawers properly you will make space for all of your child’s many things without the room looking cluttered or chaotic. Regularly decluttering is helpful too, chances are your child will go through interests like there’s no tomorrow and will grow bored of toys quickly- donate these or pass them along to someone who would like them more instead of allowing them to gather dust. The same applies for clothes, make sure you’re doing regular checks to see what still fits and passing anything on that’s no good.

Feel free to leave some of your own ideas in the comments below.


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