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3 Serious Health Problems We Need To Look Out For As We Get Older

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The worst thing about getting older is that we become prone to more health problems. Young people don’t know how healthy and fit they really are! The chances of you developing some type of fairly serious health issue are quite high. So, it makes sense to know what we should look out for so we can tackle them before they become dangerous.

Here are three serious health problems you need to watch out for:


Alzheimer’s is a mental health problem that primarily targets the memory portion of your brain. People with this problem will often suffer memory loss and be unable to recall what they’ve done the day before or more recently. The biggest problem with this disease is that older people are very likely to develop it. It’s not something you can catch from anyone, it’s a condition that develops over time. The older you get, the more likely you are to get Alzheimer's. It’s a very serious health problem as it can slowly shut down your brain and leave where you can’t control anything. As such, it’s important to notice early warning signs of Alzheimer’s. Catch it early, and you can undergo treatments to help you maintain your memory and postpone the damaging effects it has on your mind.   

Cervical Cancer

All forms of cancer are potentially deadly, but cervical cancer can be a real problem for older women. This is because older women are more likely to have been pregnant multiple times. When a doctor is looking for cervical cancer diagnosis, this is one of the key things they take into account as it increases the likelihood of having this problem. As such, if you have multiple children it’s well worth seeing a doctor for regular cervical cancer check-ups. Like most forms of cancer, you can survive it when it’s caught early on and hasn’t had a chance to develop. However, the later you catch it, the more devastating it will be. Regular checkups are the only way to catch it early, don’t be afraid, do it for the good of your health.


While arthritis is certainly something that can affect us at any age, it becomes more serious when we get older. This is a health problem concerning our bones and joints. We can end up with serious pains that stop us from doing things. There are many people with arthritis in their knees, hips, or ankles that stops them from walking without assistance. Here’s the thing, you can make your arthritis less painful and more manageable if you pick up on it early. The next time you have pain that won’t go away, take a visit to your doctor and ask if it’s arthritis.

Keep a lookout for any of these three health problems as you get older. My advice is to make the most of your life when you’re young and in good health. Do what you can to stay fit and healthy, and don’t be afraid to visit your doctor for regular health screenings.


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