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Key Questions for Spring-Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Image by Prim via Wikimedia Commons

Almost every girl has that uneasy moment when she opens her wardrobe and thinks “hmm, maybe it’s time for a spring cleaning.” The problem is, it’s way easier said than done. How could you possibly throw out any of those cute dresses or that jean skirt you’ve had with you for the last five years?
Look, it’s never going to be easy, but sometimes it just has to be done. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make spring-cleaning your wardrobe that much easier.

How often do you wear it?

The first question you should ask is how often you’re actually wearing each item of clothing you own. Of course, there’ll be some things like winter jackets or sundresses which you’ll only ever wear in certain seasons, but you’re likely to find that there are also those things that you pretty much never wear but keep around anyway.
That’s the first red flag to look out for. If you’re keeping something in eternal storage and never taking it out, it’s more likely than not that you’re tricking yourself into holding onto it with some mental gymnastics. “It’s the perfect outfit for something-someday-somewhere.”
But is it really, or are you just kidding yourself?
On the other hand, if you find yourself wearing certain outfits just about all the time (and they’re not part of a work uniform), that’s a good sign that they actually do something for you and are worth keeping around.

Do you really like it?

If you’ve found that an outfit of yours barely ever gets out of the wardrobe, the next question is; do you really like it? Is it at least comfortable?
Yeah, yeah, of course you sort of like it. That’s probably why you’ve been hanging onto it for so long. But is it an outfit that you really love and feel passionate about, something that excites you or makes you happy when you look at it?
If you bought it on sale, but your feelings about it are lukewarm, maybe you were thinking more about the savings than anything else?
And if that’s the case, it might be time to let it go.

Do you have a good memory attached to it?

Some clothes, like prom, wedding dresses, or shawls that were passed down to you from your grandma, will naturally have positive memories and feelings associated with them. These are the kind of things you won’t necessarily wear out often – or ever.
And that’s fine. There’s a good reason for holding onto things that you have a real, positive association with. Take these off the list of things to get rid of, and don’t feel guilty about keeping them around.
Of course, clothes which hold painful memories are another story – and you should consider getting rid of them.

Do you feel confident enough to wear it?

Many great and beautiful outfits get kept locked away in boxes and wardrobes forever, simply because we don’t feel confident enough to wear them. Maybe you’ve got a stunning black dress which you’re sure you’d look great in… if only you could lose 10lbs and tone up your arms a bit.
Often, when we’re not confident enough to try on an outfit, it just reinforces negative feelings about ourselves.
Set an ultimatum: either you’ll wear the outfit within 6 months, or you’ll get rid of it. If you can’t feel comfortable with wearing it by then, sell it, and try again with something else that seems more suited to your current mood, taste and confidence level. This can even be a cathartic experience – getting rid of a couple of old pairs of shoes can be an excuse to go shopping for a newer, better pair from a company like Shoe Finale or Kohls.

Keep Your Children In Mind When Moving

Moving is always a difficult and stressful period, no matter how well prepared you are for it. With all the best planning in the world, you’ll still need to keep on top of every important decision to finally consider the entire operation a success. If you do this right, you’re much more likely to enjoy the process, and the new opportunities and call to adventure the move will bring with it.

Often, your best choice to get everything moved properly, is hiring the best interstate furniture removals firm. This way you can have all of the necessary items in the new home set up ready for you to use as soon as you turn the key in the lock.

You will need to keep your children in mind. Moving is a stressful time for them, even more than for an adult. If your family used to move around often as a child, you'd be aware of how turbulent it can feel for a child. Even if you know you are moving for all of the right reasons, it can take children much longer to acclimate to a new environment than you might have initially thought. Keep in mind the following tips to maintain their needs and help them feel a little more settled in the move.


Children need plenty of rest, but around the day of the move, they will need even more sleep. Make sure they go to bed earlier the night before. Taking time to set up the car (for the drive to the new place,) in a way which allows them to sleep well is a good idea. Try to pack the vehicle giving them plenty of room. Don’t pack them so tight that their legs have limited room in the vehicle or so they have a limited view of you. Pack pillows, and help them wrap up warm. This will help keep them feeling comfortable while all the hustle and bustle takes place around them.


One of the biggest complaints of adults whose childhood was defined by often moving around is that they had little time to enjoy a regular group of friends. They were always having to make new friends with each move. Within the first few weeks of your children’s move to the new home, it’s important to help them feel connected to their local environment.

Consider taking them to community events, sporting activities, gyms and playgrounds where they can meet their peers. Depending on the age of the child, martial arts or helping them pick up an instrument can often help them feel rooted in their new area.


A space they can call their own and feel comfortable in is high on the list of important priorities. Let them participate in setting up their new room. This will help them feel like they’ve stamped their personality on the place. This can be the best and most easy method of keeping your children satisfied and happy in the new home.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a happy new household, one which promises new adventure for you all.

Cheering Up A Loved One: Give Them A Surprise To Remember

You already hold your loved-ones dear; however, have you ever thought about throwing them a surprise get-together? You might want to show a family member how much you appreciate all their help over the years, or perhaps one of your closest friends is going through a difficult time and could use the distraction. Whatever the reason is to organize something special; there’s no time like the present to make them feel truly special and appreciated.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, or create a major event; your nearest and dearest will appreciate any effort you put into making them feel better. The following are some ideas for those who are keen to show someone just how much they mean and that you want to give them a day to remember.


A Venue

No matter how big or small the guest list will be; you’ll need to find a suitable venue that can fit everyone inside comfortably. Bear in mind who’s coming; you might not want to hire out a rooftop that’s only accessible by stairs if there are elderly guests attending. Similarly; you don’t want to hire somewhere too quiet and stuffy if your group are young, and a little loud when they’re having fun (nothing wrong with that). Restaurants often have private dining rooms; so you can enjoy the service and ambiance of the venue without any interruption from the general public. VIP areas in venues could also be a great option, and it will make it feel special.


Your loved one won’t be expecting a gift; however, something thoughtful, that they can keep forever and remember their special day, will give them something to cherish for years. Jewelry is the perfect way to pick something that you know will suit their personality and style, and they can wear it each day. Check out what Alex and Ani offers for some inspiration, and think about colors, textures, and styles that the guest of honor will adore.

Food And Drink

Classic party food and plenty of nibbles is a sure fire way to please all your guests. If you’ve chosen a restaurant as a venue; hopefully you’ll pick your loved ones favorite cuisine, or somewhere you know the majority of people will relish. Check out Pinterest ideas and discover some great recipes and party food inspiration so you can apply what you like the look of to your special day, evening, or night.


A banner with your best friend’s or family member’s name on is the perfect way to set the tone for the party; it’s all about them. You can use traditional balloons, and add homemade bunting, streamers, and ribbons for a low cost, but effective, decorative touch. Have fun with your decor, and stay in the party spirit!

Music And Entertainment

You can create more of an ambiance with music, and ensure everyone gets into the party spirit. If your loved one favors a particular era or genre of music, or they love certain groups and bands; you can play all their favorite songs and truly give them a special night to remember.

So, take time to plan a special day or evening get together for someone special.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Keeping Calm Through New Pet Mayhem

No matter how long you’ve been talking about getting a new pet, the moment your new pup or kitten arrives, mayhem inevitably ensues! It might be the kids, it might be your other pets, but somehow everything becomes chaotic, and your poor new pet doesn’t know where to run and hide! Chances are you’re fretting over that forgotten bowl or collar. The kids want cuddles, and there is so much noise you can’t think straight.

The first thing to do is just stop. If you’re fretting and worrying, then your animals and your kids are going to pick up on that. If you’re calm and still with a smile on your face, then everyone else in the room will soon follow suit. Hushed voices aren’t ideal, but a quieter soothing tone can help everyone calm things down. It gives you time to think, and it gives your new pet a chance to smell around the room without the distraction of loud noises.

One At A Time
Don’t worry about the forgotten pet bowl, or the missing collar just yet. One thing at a time. That includes the introductions! Don’t bring in all the family at once. Start with the eldest child and give them a good ten minutes or so to get to know your pet. Then let them leave for a while before the next child comes in. Leave other pets till later in the day. Your new pet will want a drink and a meal before much else happens!

Introduce your dog to his bed. This is his safe zone and the place you expect him to sit quietly when other things are going on. It will undoubtedly become the place where your puppy goes to sleep at night or while you are out during the day. Show your new pet where their own water and food bowl is. You’ll need to let the other pets know this is not theirs!

If the store or breeder didn’t do this already, then administer any preventative treatments soon. Options like Revolution for dogs cover most of the essentials. You’ll likely need a veterinary appointment soon to check your new pet is up to date with boosters too. It’s worth getting a health check and weight done also. For now, keep a diary of what your pet is eating, drinking and delivering at the other end! It helps to get to know their moods a little too in the beginning.

Your dog will need a walk or two from the very first day. You don’t have to take your other dog if you have one. It might be better to go alone anyway, so you can get to know how your new pet responds to different environments and dogs/people encounters. Make some notes, so you know what you need to tackle at behavioral classes. You might need to bath your pup afterwards. Take your time, and give them a chance to relax.

By the end of your first day with your new pet, you’re all likely to be exhausted! Sure, there might be a few messes and a few cross words between pets. But tomorrow is another day, and things will undoubtedly be much calmer. Enjoy your new pet!

Give Your Home A Little Comfort

Comfort means different things to different people. To some, being comfortable includes being cozy and warm in front of the fire. To others, comfort comes from being able to escape extreme temperatures outside and cool off in the shade of the house. Making your home comfortable is important, as you need to be able to come home from your place of work and relax.
However, there is no point in spending your day counting down the hours until you can relax and enjoy your evening if your home isn’t the fort of comfort you want it to be. Making your home a place of relaxation should be a huge priority for you, and we’ve got the tips you need to make that happen.
  • Windows. First, windows are so much more than eyes to the home. They are your shield to the elements and the outside wind and rain. There’s nothing more satisfying than being indoors and hearing the heavy rains batter against the windows and knowing you are untouchable! Upgrading windows from single pane to double can only be a good thing, as you protect your home from both the weather and noise. They provide a totally natural light so throwing open the curtains and overlooking the garden while enjoying the quiet is peaceful.
  • Fresh Air. There’s not much worse than walking into a home that smells a little musty. We underestimate the effects that fresh air has on our body and our mind, and getting an approved air conditioning installation company to come and do yours is going to change your life. Purer, clearer air can give you a more enhanced experience in your home and as the air quality changes, you’ll soon notice the difference.
  • Lighting. Making your home comfortable includes the lighting. It’s not always possible to enjoy the natural light that floods through the house, especially if you work long hours and come home when it’s dark. Well-placed lamps and candles can make a big difference to the lighting in your home, and on your health. Headaches often happen in badly-lit rooms and you can avoid this with the right fixtures and light bulbs.
  • Floors. Cosiness comes at a cost and while some love the thickest rugs littered through their house, others prefer a lower maintenance look from wooden flooring. There’s no point in risking frostbite of your toes if you don’t have to, so looking into underfloor heating would make total sense for your home. Often, this is preferable to carpeting the whole home.
  • Plants. Bringing some nature indoors can really make a home feel comfortable. The fragrance of the flower and the brightness of the colour of the leaves can really change things. They also have air purifying qualities, improving your health.
Comfort will differ from person to person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little with your home. Take the time to make it feel like a place you want to be at the end of the day and you’ll reap the reward.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Which Flooring Choice Is Right For You?

Choosing flooring should be simple. Unless you are particularly aesthetically-minded, you probably give little thought to the flooring in your home. It’s just the thing you step on and occasionally have to clean. You barely even notice it’s there unless there’s a problem with it.

It’s this usually-dismissive attitude that can make choosing flooring so difficult. You might need to change your floor due to wear and tear, or want to try something new as you renovate the rest of the room -- but the conundrum remains the same. Flooring isn’t easy to just replace if you get tired of it in six months time, so you have to try and make the right decision from the start.

To try and aid in this, below, let’s consider the three most popular flooring options and how they might work in your home.



Good For: Tile is often used for areas that are prone to wetness, such as the kitchen or bathroom. This makes sense, as tile is waterproof. Any spills will just sit on the surface while good grouting can ensure no water permeates into the floor beneath. Tile is also being used more and more for entranceways, to help protect against muddy boots and dripping umbrellas.

Bad For: The bedroom. One of the major problems with tile is that it gets cold. You can install underfloor heating to counter this, but that can be expensive. Cold tile is never nice to step onto, but it’d even worse on cold mornings. If you use tile in your bedroom, you won’t want to get out of bed for fear of how cold it might be underfoot!

Important Point To Keep In Mind: Tiles are best cleaned with a mop, as you probably know, but it’s important to remember you need to replace the mop head regularly. Too many people use the same old head, which over time is spreading bacteria rather than actively cleaning the floor.

Hardwood Flooring


Good For: Hardwood flooring is perfect for areas of the house that receive a lot of foot-traffic, such as hallways and landings. It can also work in kitchens if you would rather not use tiles. Like tile, it will not absorb any spills, which is useful if you’re something of a messy cook!

Bad For: While hardwood floors can handle the occasional splash of water, regular exposure could warp the wood and ruin your floor. As a result, don’t use hardwood flooring in bathrooms. If you do want to use it in an entranceway, then you’re going to need a rug to ensure shoes can be wiped of any mud or moisture before it’s walked on.

Important Point To Keep In Mind: You have to be very careful when vacuuming this kind of floor. Heavy vacuums being dragged along the wood could cause premature wear, so ensure you invest in the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors to prevent deterioration.



Good For: Bedrooms and living rooms. Effectively, any area of the house where you might ever want to feel warm and comfortable will suit carpet well.

Bad For: You can use carpet in entrance areas and hallways, but it tends to deteriorate very quickly. If you do want to use it in these areas, you will need rugs to help absorb some of the impact.

Important Point To Keep In Mind: When installing carpet, you will need to buy a good underlay to help increase the longevity of your carpet and provide extra comfort underfoot.

Hopefully, after reading through the above, you have a good idea of which flooring type might work for each area of your house.

Health Advice For New Cat Owners

Cats are the perfect pets for busy people; they don’t require a lot of fussing, and for the most part the look after themselves. However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave them to their own devices once you bring them home. Even though it might take a while for your cat to warm up to you and let you start showering them with love, you can still express your devotion by keeping them healthy. In doing so, you might be able to achieve the impossible; a happy cat.
Spay or neuter them
This might sound a bit harsh, but this is actually one of the best things you can do for your cat in the long run, especially if they are female because going into heat is very uncomfortable for them. Don’t try to put it off by saying it wouldn’t be fair to deprive them of the chance to have kittens; firstly, that’s a human value and cats lead very happy lives without offspring. Secondly, hundreds of thousands of unwanted cats have to be euthanized every year to prevent the population from getting out of hand - if you don’t spay your cat, you’re just contributing to the problem. Imagine taking care of a litter of kittens if you still have doubts. You can check out for more information about the right time to neuter your cat.
Keep lots of litter boxes
If the cat refuses to use the litter box, first take them to the vet to rule out illness. Once you’ve confirmed that they’re still healthy, then it’s time to examine the box itself. Cats need to like their box, so you need to take time to experiment with different styles you can find at or in any local pet stores. Another issue might be the location of the box. While you might enjoy some privacy when you conduct your business, cats don’t like it when their litter box is kept hidden in the corner. They prefer to see everything that’s going on while they’re in a vulnerable position, so you also shouldn’t buy a box with a cover. If you’re worried about the smell, just make sure you get really absorbent litter and that you empty the box regularly.
Monitor their diet
Cats rely on meat as the foundation of their diet, so they cannot be vegetarian even for a short while. Dry food, which contains a hefty amount of carbs, can be bad for cats in large amounts and can cause them to develop type 2 diabetes and obesity. You might also notice that cats drink more water when they’re consuming more dry food, because the percentage of water is significantly less than other food sources - mice, for example, are about 70 percent water, and canned food is 78 percent.
Brush them daily

Don’t let cats groom themselves all the time. Brushing or combing your cat daily will cut down on the hairballs that can develop in the digestive tract.

Just a few tips to help out keeping your cat happy and healthy!



When we carry out any decorating or DIY jobs in our homes, we always imagine perfect results. After all, how hard can painting, wallpapering, or doing some small maintenance jobs actually be? Well, if you aren’t very experienced, you will find that they can actually be a lot more difficult than you could imagine!

So, what happens when something goes wrong? If you do ever end up having a major DIY SOS moment, you will definitely need to follow these useful steps…

Make Sure You Are Safe

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your mistake or accident doesn’t put you or anyone else in any danger. If your SOS is just that you have knocked over a tin of paint, then this, of course, won’t be a problem. However, if you have somehow damaged the property and made it unsafe, you might want to get out of the house. Similarly, if you have been working on your plumbing system and something goes wrong, make sure you turn off your water. Or else your home might flood! Once you are 100% sure that everyone is safe and not at risk from being hurt, you can then move onto the next step.

Tidy Up

There’s a good chance that making a mistake or damaging something is going to cause a bit of a mess. So, you will need to tidy up before you do anything else. Clearing the area will then make it easier to get on with any repairs you need to make.

Call In The Experts

If you have caused quite a bit of damage, you might need to call in some experts to fix things. Or you might just want to hire someone to finish the job if you are completely sick of things! Siding and painting services can help cover up any mistakes you’ve made while decorating either the interior or exterior of your property. If you have damaged the structure of your building in any way, you may need to call in a building expert. Don’t worry if you accidentally break any wooden furniture - a carpenter will be able to come to your help! Don’t forget that it’s not a good idea to work with the electrical wiring in your home to start off with - hire a trained electrician for these kinds of jobs from the beginning, as you might make a fatal mistake!

Call Your Insurance Company

Making a DIY or decorating mistake can often end up being very costly. Thankfully, if your home is fully insured, you will be able to see if your provider will be willing to pay out in this situation. Unfortunately, though, if they deem that the mistake has occurred through your own fault, you might not be able to make a claim. Read through your policy thoroughly before you do try to claim so that you know whether or not you have a good case.

Don’t panic if you ever make a DIY mistake - take a deep breath and figure out how to solve it!