Friday, August 18, 2017

Toy Aussies and Quick Bath Wipes From IVS

Hey neighbors!

We are slowly adding Toy Aussies to our pets.  These little bundles of energy are constantly getting into something, and it is not always clean.  So, for those times when they play in their food or water, or dig in the dirt, or shred up some messy item they find, I now have the IVS Quick Bath Wipes for Small Dogs.  This means I do not have to throw them in for a bath every time they get dirty, messy or smelly.  Now I can just grab a pack of the Quick Bath Wipes and quickly clean them up.  Also great for those extra long times between bathing your dog.

Poppins and Bobbi

The Quick Bath Wipes come in a pack just like diaper wipes for babies.  You just pull one out of the pack and wipe you furry friend down.  The wipes are pH neutral and alcohol free.  They also have vitamin A, Vitamin E and Aloe.  The vitamins and Aloe help keep your pups fur looking nice, healthy and shiny.


You wouldn't think these little ones could get into so many messes, but they do, so I am glad we have the Quick Bath Wipes from IVS. These are also available for large dogs in a larger size.

IVS or International Veterinary Sciences also has many other pet related products.  Be sure to visit their site.  Also, follow them on their social media.
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