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The Bathroom Renovation That You Never Knew You Wanted

One of the most underutilised rooms (at least, when it comes to renovations) is the bathroom. Far too many people focus on rooms such as the bedroom, living room and other places that get a lot more public attention, but they rarely ever focus on their bathrooms.

But why is that?

One of the leading causes is that people have stopped taking care of their personal well-being. There’s a reason spa treatments are so good at relieving stress and there’s also a reason why people pay so much money for spa getaways—they just work. They’re fantastic at unwinding your stress and they do a fantastic job of giving you the motivational boost you need to get through the next week of work.

However, you don’t need to spend a fortune just to head out for a spa weekend. We’ve gathered up a bunch of tips on how you can renovate your bathroom to get the exact same spa treatment that you’d expect from a professional service. Here’s the bathroom renovation project that you never knew you wanted until now.

Making Use of Space

One of the most important aspects of any bathroom renovation is the need to make use of space. Whether you have a box bathroom or something a little larger, you need to accommodate your needs by utilising space correctly. For instance, a good way to make your bathroom seem a lot cleaner and relaxing is to declutter. By using storage shelves and cabinets, you can effectively eliminate any clutter from your bathroom. You can also use smart tricks with your appliances, such as combining both the bath and shower so that you don’t need two separate appliances for bathing. However, for such a big job it’s recommended that you hire a contractor or at least a qualified planner. If you want more information, you can find more at It might be slightly more costly, but it’s the best way to get complicated jobs done when you need to make space in the bathroom.

Turn It Into a Spa

One of the best ways to improve your bathroom is to give it a spa-like look. This article from has some fantastic ideas on how you can turn your small bathroom into a spa with a small budget. Some improvements include using earthy colours to paint the walls and using dimmed bathroom lights to create a more relaxing mood. You can also use faux wood tiles to create a warm and comforting feeling that oozes with natural colours. However, some of these improvements (such as replacing bathroom lights) might also require the use of a contractor.

Improvements Don’t Need to Be Difficult

These are just a couple of examples of renovations that you can perform that will improve your bathroom. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to use excessive amounts of money just to improve it. Decluttering doesn’t take any money and simple improvements like adding some petals and giving it a good clean can also count as improvements.


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