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Rejuvenate And Redo The Exterior Of Your Home

Many of us are concerned with what our house looks like and the image it projects about us. The fact is that exterior of a home needs just as much attention with regards to upkeep, as the attention to detail we place inside the home. It’s all well and good to make sure the home is looking attractive, so it stands out from the neighbourhood, but as ever, people notice the bad things before anything else. If you have walls that have begun to crack or fade their surface coating, fences that have holes in the structures, and pathways that are dirty and broken, the home can look uncared for. There are more ways to spruce up the home, than purely focusing on redecoration, because to rejuvenate a property back into a healthy and strong standing-structure, is the first step toward projecting these attributes.

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Unkempt pathway

The front yard is the first part of the property, everyone who wishes to enter the home will walk through. Oftentimes as the homeowner who walks through every day you do not notice the sporadic growth of weeds. Walkways which are cracked can either be filled in with clay putty or if the damage is too severe, you should seek to replace a particular slab. You have another option of cleaning the stones or slabs which lead up to your front door, by using a high-pressure hose. This will blast the surface of the rock or stone with hot, fast-moving water that will uncover a new layer of life in them. Equally, trim, cut and uproot the weeds and other plants which have overgrown and are now covering the pathway itself.

Image by - Elizabeth Vlahos


If you have a home that is over 20 or maybe even 15 years old, you’re bound to see the once smooth and stylish exterior material, has been turned rough or perhaps is peeling. The rain and the wind can erode the surface layer until it looks uneven, and perhaps even with a few grooves in the walls. If your home was made in the 1990s, you’re more than likely to have a stucco exterior design, which is very unique to paint over. Contact a company such as, who will have the skills and talent, to use the correct paint to put over this specific exterior wall design. It's a much more attractive choice to take than to resurface the stucco, which means first having to remove all of it, then apply a new layer; both time consuming and expensive.

The fence

The fence around your property is also included in the category of one of the first things onlookers see about your home. Even if you yard is healthy, and regularly maintained, a shoddy fence will scream a lack of care. You could replace the current fence you have with many other designs such as the featherboard concave, or the tongue and groove convex. Prime, paint and varnish each fence panel to have the outside look just as good as the inside.

Take some time to look at the outside of your home with the eyes of a first time guest. Decide what needs repaired or replaced and then work up a schedule to get the work completed. You will be glad you did.


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