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One-Third Of Marriages Don’t Last, Are Couples Giving Up Too Soon?

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Depending on the studies you read, divorce rates in the United States are anything from 30% to 50%. Whatever way you look at it, that’s a lot of couples who break up after previously committing their lives to one another. Consequently, it’s difficult not to question whether it’s become too easy for people to call it quits.

Relationships require work. Expecting your lives to pass without a single hiccup would be immensely naïve. Divorce should be the last resort, reserved for when it is the only solution for a happy lifestyle. But what are the other options that should be considered first? Let’s find out.

Rediscover The Spark

It can be very easy to take a loved one for granted or become distracted by other things in life. Sometimes, simply committing more time to each other can be enough to get the relationship back on track.

Organizing a vacation, whether it be a family one or a romantic break, can work wonders. Those magical moments encourage you to remember exactly why you fell in love with each other in the first place. If budgets make this difficult, home date nights can be equally useful.

Spending time together is the most important aspect of any relationship. Do not forget it.

Seek Professional Support

Relationships can encounter difficult obstacles. Whether there’s been a falling out, a clash of lifestyle or something else doesn’t matter. If your initial attempts at repairing the damage fail, it may be time to seek professional help.

This advice can come from many sources, so it’s important to find a solution that suits your personal needs. Christian counselors are far better for those of faith because they understand the need to incorporate those beliefs. Essentially, no two couples are the same, and the road to recovery must be built around you.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Simply having that outside advice may make all the difference.

Consider The Outside Factors

Love is the most important aspect of any marriage. However, it’s not the only key issue to remember. The relationship is an important part of your life, but your life is also an important part of the relationship. Do not forget it.

There are many different factors that could influence your happiness as a couple. Overcoming problems relating to home improvements, careers, and hobbies can be telling. Letting those outside issues bring negativity into your relationship is not an answer.

A happy relationship should be the foundation of a happy life. Build around it in style, and you’ll have a far better shot at getting back on track to avoid the need for drastic decisions.


Ultimately, divorce does serve a purpose. There are many situations where a husband, wife, or both parties need a way out. However, it is not a decision that should be rushed.

Looking back with regret after giving up the best thing in your life will be very hard to bounce back from. If there is a way to make the relationship last, you should grab the opportunity with both hands.


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