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Need To Boost The Value Of Your Home?

Property remains a great long term investment. If you’re a homeowner, there are some easy ways of outperforming the market and adding value to your home. If you have some spare cash and you don’t fancy seeing it wallow in a bank account accruing minimal interest, why not invest it into some home improvements that will boost the value of your home. Whether you are planning to sell up in the next twelve months or you are holding onto your humble abode for the next twenty years, a well-managed scheme of home improvements can only enhance your property.

What is the first thing that people see when they visit your home? It’s not the entrance hall or the kitchen or even the front door, it’s the vista of your entire house. Nothing looks more odd than when you see a property with a mismatched facade or paint peeling window frames. It’s time to enhance your home’s curb appeal to get people talking about your pad for all the right reasons.



The front door and garage door to your home should match. They could share the same color, material or texture. Homes with an up and over garage door in a gun metal finish should also have a metallic composite front door with minimal glazing. If you have injected some color into your front door, don’t opt for a contrasting hue on your garage door. Remember the old adage: red and green should never be seen.


Aesthetically your roof can look attractive to the eye with a red tile finish, a reclaimed slate look or a contemporary sheet metal design. More importantly, your roof needs to be in good order, so there are no insulation issues or problem leaks. Companies like Community Roofing & Restoration are specialists in providing a bespoke roofing service. As well as replacing your roof, they can install skylights to inject more visual appeal to your facade and improve guttering. Ensure that the roof to your home echoes the quality of the rest of your property.



There is often no need to replace windows, you just have to spruce them up a little bit. Make sure they are cleaned regularly, free from cobwebs and smears. If there’s any peeling paint on the window frames, whip out the paintbrush and refresh the color. This will give your home’s facade an instant facelift.

All Things Green

If you’re lucky enough to have a small lawn or garden area in front of your home, head down to the garden center and purchase some bright plants to make over the external area of your pad. Even if your front door is not set back from the road, you can still adorn your front door with a hanging basket of greenery or place a bonsai next to your porch to create a more vibrant look.

Using these tips to inspire the enhancement of your home’s curb appeal will result in a good investment of your hard earned cash. You’ll see an instant boost to the value of your property, and you can watch with delight as heads turn when people wander past your home.


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