Monday, August 28, 2017

If Ninja Could Talk

Hey neighbors!

You may remember some of this information from last year, but this is an important subject for any dog owner.  The If This Dog Could Talk Tour is all about making dog owners aware of the dangers of the dog flu. Ninja, would like for everyone to know about how this disease can affect their pet.

Dog flu has a new strain of dog flu, H3N2.  The new strain of flu has caused several outbreaks in the USA since 2015.  One of the most recent outbreaks, was in Chicago, which is about 4 hours from us.  Any dog, at any age, can easily contract the dog flu.  Unfortunately, many dog owners are not even aware of this canine flu.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with this disease and what you can do to protect against it.  

Because this is a new strain of flu, your dog does not have any natural immunity built up.  Some signs of dog flu can be coughing, sneezing, fever and lethargy.  If your dog is exhibiting these symptoms get them to a vet and do not allow them around other dogs.  If untreated this can turn into pneumonia and in extreme cases can cause death.  Unlike human flu, dog flu is active year-round. The best way to protect your canine friend from this disease is to vaccinate your pet, and avoid other dogs who appear sick.

Merck Animal Health is responsible for the campaign, If This Dog Could Talk to help make owners aware of the dangers of dog flu.  Merck Animal Health is teaming up with The Dogist to share the If This Dog Could Talk: Tour to Prevent Dog Flu album.  Please take time to download this album and share it with others you know who have dogs in their family.  No one wants to lose a treasured family pet, so let's help share about dog flu and how we can take steps to prevent an outbreak in our area. Download the Full Tour Album here.

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