Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dealing With Dog Smell: 4 Ways To Keep Your Pooch Fresh

Some dog owners love their pets like they are their children. To canine enthusiasts, dogs are loving, cuddly, and always happy to see their owner walk through the door. However, there is no doubt that even the loveliest dogs can smell from time to time. Scratch that – they stink! Because no one wants their home to smell like doggy body odor, it’s important to deal with the smell and keep them feeling fresh. With that in mind, below are four of the best ways for pet owners to eradicate B.O. Who says having a dog isn’t like bringing up children?!

Feed It Quality Food

You will hear this tip from dog food suppliers and think, “yeah, nice try buddy.” However, they do have a point, even if their interests don’t make them the most trustworthy sources. Experts such as Canidae say that the right diet affects everything from the dog’s fur to its skin. Low-quality food doesn’t have as many nutrients, and the fiber content is low, too. As a result, the dog will eat more and more of it, which will lead to stomach problems. A great tip is to introduce fruit and vegetables to their diet to regulate their digestive system.

Dry It After A Bath

Of course, the simplest way to deal with doggy B.O is to let your pooch soak in a bath. Afterward, they should smell as fresh as a summer meadow. Well, they will if you don’t let them air dry. There aren’t many more pungent odors than a wet dog because a canine’s fur gives off a strong smell. Even after a wash, the result might not be what you imagine. With that in mind, grab a towel or a hairdryer and get to drying out your dog’s fur.

Use Deodorant

Just like you would after a shower or a bath, dogs can use antiperspirant to keep the bacteria away. Okay, they can’t use the cans themselves because they don’t have opposable thumbs, but you can do the heavy lifting. If you don’t know where to begin, Top Dog Tips reviews are a solid place to start. After all, not too many lay people know about deodorant products for pets. As a rule, the antiperspirant items are the most effective as they tackle the bacteria in the fur for hours at a time. Also, don’t forget about the chemicals which are bad for your doggy’s health.

Brush Your Dog

Brushing works in two ways. First, it removes dirt and grime which build up in the fur. By removing this, you prevent strong smelling odors from occurring. Also, it helps the dog get rid of loose hair. One of the main reasons you can still smell your pooch when it isn’t in the vicinity is dog hair which embeds itself in the furniture. Hopefully, a good brush will stop the dog from shedding all over the house. Just be patient because it might take your pet a while to get used to a brush.

Your pooch might never smell unbelievable, but it doesn’t have to stink out the house. There are also some nice smelling sprays you can use!

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