Monday, August 21, 2017

Create Coziness With a Snuggly Place To Sleep!

Long, warm summer days seem to stretch on forever, but it can’t last- within the next month the cold weather will begin creeping back in. And when it does, it sparks a change in both our homes and our wardrobes. Its a chance to embrace the fall with seasonally appropriate colors, patterns, and textures. One place that’s really worth updating for the colder season is your bedroom, after all- everyone loves a cozy and snuggly place to relax and sleep at the end of each day. Here are a few of the ways you can go about it.

Focus on The Bed
The bed is of course the main feature of any bedroom, so it’s one area to pay attention to. The mattress is what will make the most difference, so investing here is money well spent. This article on original mattress factory reviews highlights some of the best brands and models of the year so it’s something you could research if you were looking to make a purchase. The trick is to find something with the right firmness level for you, you might need to go to an actual bed shop and lie on some different mattresses to find what you like most. That way you can safely order online knowing it won't arrive feeling too firm or too soft. Your duvet and pillows are another area to get right. Since these can harbor dust mites which can aggravate allergies and affect sleep, it’s recommended that you replace your pillows every year and your duvets every five. With it approaching the colder seasons, choose a duvet with a higher tog to keep you warm. You could add an electric blanket too for ultimate coziness. Finish the bed with high-quality soft sheets and dress it with a bedspread and plenty of pillows. Make sure to have a nice cozy throw in reach, for those times you are just going to snuggle up for a few minutes to read or relax.

Switch Up The Color Scheme
It can be fun to embrace the autumn with a change of color scheme, but it doesn’t have to mean completely redecorating. If your room is already neutral, it means you can easily change it up by adding some accents. Replace cushion covers and the bedding with deep and rich fall colors- red, terracotta, khaki green, navy and deep purple all work well for the time of year. Adding a vase of seasonal flowers (real or fake) to match perks things up and helps to tie everything together.

Make it Smell Beautiful
One of the best things when the weather cools down is how cozy it is being inside, rain hammering down outside while you’re cuddled under the duvet. But along with the decor and furnishings, another way you can add to the ambiance is with scent. Scented candles, reed diffusers, potpourri and plug in air fresheners all make a room smell incredible. Go with autumnal scents- spices, fruits, and warm vanilla all work well. When you settle down at the end of the evening in bed with a book or movie, the beautiful fragrance will make you feel even more homely and cozy.

Have a few fall bedroom tips? Be sure to share them with us.

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