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Breathe Easy: Improving the Air Quality in Your Home


Air pollution is on the rise, but for some reason, when the topic arises we think of threats outdoors: traffic pollution, smog, the ozone layer hundreds of thousands of miles above us. But the air in our homes, offices and other indoor spaces is exactly the same as that we are breathing in when we step outside of our front door. If anything, it may be even more polluted due to things like settled or air borne dust, radon, formaldehyde, chemicals from cleaning products and even fire-retardants. So how do we go about ensuring that we breathe the purest air possible when relaxing in our own living spaces? Here are a few tips and tricks to leave you breathing easy.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a must for many of us. Without it, we’d be doomed to restless nights stuck to our sheets and lethargic days, restricted to the ground floor of the home because the heat rising to the upper floors is uncomfortable. But it is essential for you to ensure that your air conditioning unit is always functioning at its optimum capacity. The majority of people forget that AC units can easily become clogged with dirt and dust and will eventually end up circulating unhealthy particles around your home. Other problems with your installation could also result in limited functioning, meaning that airflow is restricted and stagnant air can begin to linger in certain rooms. If you are experiencing problems with your unit, contact professionals from Rowlett Air who will be able to repair your air conditioning in next to no time.


Investing in Houseplants

Plants are a beautiful addition to any home’s interior, brightening the place up and adding a touch of nature to the inherently urban. However, these aren’t their only benefits. They are also nature’s own life-support system, reducing the number of air particulates in their surroundings and photosynthesizing carbon dioxide into oxygen. Perfect! So which plants should you opt for to see the most beneficial effects? Some attractive options are spider plants, Dracaena, Weeping Figs, Peace Lilies, Boston Ferns and Bamboo Plants. If you want something that blooms more flowers, consider Chrysanthemum Morifolium, but remember that blooming plants can also add certain pollens to the atmosphere, so are something to watch out for if you have allergies.


Regular Cleaning

Chemicals and allergens accumulate in household dust. While you may not be able to completely stop its formation, you can definitely clean it up effectively and easily. So keep on top of your household chores! Vacuum carpeted areas with a cleaner that has strong suction, rotating brushes and a filter that captures fine particles rather than rejecting them out of its exhaust. Mop wooden, laminate or tiled floors. Invest in a microfiber mop, as these purportedly capture more dust than any other option.

Follow these steps sooner rather than later to reap the benefits of cleaner, easier to breathe air in your own four walls. No more allergies, no more dust-caused sickness and a generally happier and healthier environment for you to live in. Perfect!


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