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Be The Best Eco-Resident By Looking After Your Carbon Footprint

It’s likely that we’ve all heard the need for reducing our carbon footprint. Fortunately it’s not too late to take action against it, and as a property owner, the responsibility falls to you to work at this. Despite much fearmongering, however, you might not feel you can make a difference. In reality, the opposite is true. Smaller business owners, small property owners and general public who make up the bulk of the nation's population can take massive steps in reducing the burden placed on our current environmental difficulty.

It takes both a proactive and reductive approach. We’ve listed the best ways to tackle both in this easy to digest article. Check out the following tips:


Proactive approaches require a deft and careful touch in installing or purchasing new investments that can save you money long term.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are likely the most identifiable method of renewable energy home installation that you’ve heard of. You may have been deterred from purchasing these in the past thanks to their relatively expensive nature. Thanks to the technological strides made in the renewable energy sector, solar panels are cheaper all the time. Not only that, but certain subsidies mean that you might be able to get a reduced cost upon installation, greatly lessening the time it takes for your solar panels to have paid for themselves. This is the most stable and secure method of providing your property with clean, renewable energy.


Hybrid or completely electric cars are not only fun to drive, but are mostly quiet, and have much less of a fuel impact on the local environment. Weaning yourself off of fossil fuels is a fantastic way to be sure that you’re contributing to the clean energy revolution that is occurring nationwide. Hybrid cars are a great middle ground and are often cheaper if cost is a big factor for you. Switching to one of these vehicles means you needn’t feel guilty about your extended road miles.



Switching lights off can help prevent you from wasting energy in heat and light that is completely unneeded. For the best results, consider setting your lights or home electrical equipment on a timer, so that if they can’t detect motion or aren’t interacted with for a period, they will switch off on their own accord. The energy savings here will be significant.


Recycling needn’t be limited to placing your objects in the correct bin when taking out the trash, for the government to come and collect and take the responsibility for. Why not consider reusing the item, finding another home for it, or simply making it into something else? Our consumerist culture is unfortunately completely disposable, and this makes things seem less significant or important than before. For example, if you're needing to throw out an old wooden table, is there no other practical use you could have for it? If you're needing to throw out an old sofa, would using a service like Freecycle to help you find a new owner much better than it going to landfill? Try and be the most responsible for your possession as you can, and you’ll make positive long-term environmental effects.

These tips can make you more eco-friendly. Have any ideas? Feel free to share in the comments.


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