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A Healthy Garden Is A Happy Garden

A nice garden can be the perfect place to sit back, relax, and reflect on different things going on in your life. Even if it’s the midst of winter and you can’t sit in your garden without getting frostbite, it’s nice to gaze outside of your window and see that it looks good, or at the very least is staying healthy through the elements. The key to a garden that looks good is to ensure that it’s as healthy as possible in every way. There are many different things you can do to achieve this. Read on for some in depth tips on what you can do!


Keep Your Soil As Healthy As Possible
Healthy soil is the key to plants that thrive, and there are a number of things you can do to make this happen. You’ll get better results with less effort when you know how to go about it the right way. Have your soil tested so you know what type it is. Applying a fertilizer recommended for your soil type will help, as well as using well-drained soil and avoiding soil erosion. When it comes to healthy, happy gardens, it’s all about the soil!

Add A Fresh Layer Of Mulch
Nothing makes your garden look quite as healthy and attractive as a fresh layer of mulch. Mulch will help your garden to look more polished and prevent weed growth at the same time. Lay down enough mulch to cover the ground, but take care not to cover your plants.

Water Your Plants The Right Way
Of course you know you need to water your plants for them to thrive, but knowing how to water them properly is even more important. After all, diseases need water to live too! You don’t want to water your garden and end up feeding the bacteria rather than the plants. You should choose ways to water your plants that limit the moisture on a plant’s foliage. You can use things like soaker hoses and drip irrigation like those on Plumbersstock to get just the right amount of moisture. This will mean that you can avoiding watering by hand.  

Start Composting
Composting is super easy and has a ton of environmental benefits, as well as helping to keep your garden healthy. When you get into the swing of things it won’t feel like work at all, and you will have a ready made fertilizer for your plants and garden, helping everything to grow as healthy and strong as possible.

Bear in mind that knowing how to compost properly is a must. If you use debris that is infected within your compost, you run the risk of transferring this to your garden. If you’re truly unsure as to whether your compost is safe or not, avoid using it!

Make Sure You Feed Your Plants
You don’t have to feed your plants for them to grow; they will grow with water alone. However, if you want a truly great batch of plants that enhance your garden and last, using a high quality plant food regularly is a must. An organic blend of plant food is your best option!

Look Over Plants Carefully Before You Buy Them
Heading to a garden centre and looking over all of the beautiful plants available can be great, however, you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself. Make sure you look over plants carefully before you buy them. Know what to look for before you buy a plant, i.e. good roots and bad roots. This is one of the best ways to avoid inviting disease into your garden. It can be tricky to tell whether certain plants are healthy or not, so ensure you try to educate yourself as much as possible by reading up on the internet and with books and magazines. Usually, if the roots are dark and mushy, you should avoid the plant.


Watch Out For Bugs
Although bugs can be beneficial at times, you must watch out for them. The damage they can cause is far more than aesthetic. Bugs can easily transport bacteria and disease to your plants. Make sure you keep an eye out of them and take appropriate steps if you find they are hindering your attempts to keep your garden healthy.  

Don’t Waste Time In Pruning Your Damaged Limbs - Do It Right Away
Making sure you trim any damaged trees and shrubs during winter is far better than waiting until spring. If you leave them during the winter, your plants are more likely to pick up diseases and other issues during this time. Cut back to healthy tissue and make clean cuts to avoid any issues that could be on their way. Doing it quickly rather than wasting time and putting it off ensures a healthier garden in the long run.

Avoid Crowding Your Plants
Make sure you watch your established plants as they spread, and avoid crowding too many in one place. Ensuring there is plenty of airflow around your plants is crucial and will allow them to thrive in your garden. Plants that are placed too close together will likely grow poorly as they are all in competition for light, food, and so on.

Use Supports And Stakes
Using supports and stakes to prop up your plants will make them look beautiful when they are fully grown. Sometimes, they need a little extra help to stay upright. This is especially true for bushes, trees, larger plants, and vegetables. This won’t take very long at all and you’ll likely be thrilled with the results.

Use these tips and your garden will remain healthy and looking great in the long run. Your plants will thrive and you’ll keep your soil a moist place that they like to grow. Neglecting your garden won’t do you or your home any favors. In fact, having a great garden could very well increase your home’s value for the future! Do you have tips of your own you’d like to share? Leave them below!


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